The exhibition of paintings by Ganna Kryvolap "Dialogue of Traditions"
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The exhibition of paintings by Ganna Kryvolap “Dialogue of Traditions”

The exhibition begins on January 28 in Lviv at the Andrei Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv. The exhibition includes works from the series “Implication” and “Tapes”.

Ganna Kryvolap is one of the most successful Ukrainian contemporary artists, each of her exhibitions becomes a sensation. She created an author’s style, which is dominated by color and formal entertainment. Ganna’s works are instantly recognizable by their special color, brightness, and boldness of decision. But the external extravagance of the works is not what made Ganna Kryvolap a leader in Ukrainian contemporary art. Over the years, from series to series, she has consistently developed her line in painting – emotionally, greedily penetrates into the deep, archetypal structures of Ukrainian culture. The works of Ganna Kryvolap are both international and unmistakably authentic. The word “involvement”, which became the name of one of the series, perfectly conveys this feeling of constant contact between the artist and her native culture. In this series, Ganna explores the symbolic possibilities of Ukrainian temple mosaics, the tradition of which came to medieval Kyiv from Byzantium. They pulsate with bright cubes in the main Ukrainian cathedral, St. Sophia of Kyiv, connecting the distant past with the modern city. Another symbol in the “Ribbons” series is a part of traditional Ukrainian clothes, multi-colored narrow ribbons. In Ganna’s works, they dance in the wind, intertwine with the sun and moonlight, create dynamic abstractions, sound joyful music. The exhibition of Ganna Kryvolap’s works is always a triumph of color, Ukrainian optimism, women’s emotionality, and professionalism.

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