Sergej Savchenko
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Sergej Savchenko

Ukrainian artist Sergej Savchenko has many talents, he is not only an expressive painter and graphic artist, but also a keen adept of photography, animation, body art, installations, performance art. In painting he moves freely from abstraction to figurativeness and back, working a lot in the nude genre.

Sergej graduated from Lviv Academy of Arts and has participated in many international exhibitions and art residencies. Recently he and his family founded an art gallery in Gdansk, Poland, where he represents creative people from all over the world.

Sergej says: “Art is the birth of mystery, not a statement of facts,” and indeed in his works reality is transformed and acquires new qualities. He invites the viewer to search for the meanings inherent in the work of the author.

One of the important lines in Sergej Savchenko’s work is nude art. He is convinced that artists will never give up the attempts to picture the human body, never stop unraveling the secret of the interaction between the corporeal and spiritual principles.

Sergej’s nudes are not naked for the sake of nudity – it is always a search for the best angle, complex plastic and coloristic tasks, an artistic statement.

For Savchenko among the reasons for creating an abstract series can be texts, carpets, meteorites or even… nothingness! One of the new series was born almost by accident, when a chemical reaction started on the canvases covered with paint, and the surface cracked, flowed, exposing the lower layers. The artist turned this accident into a metaphor for the birth of life.

Savchenko compares his own versatility and variety of genres to going from room to room in order to breathe in fresh air and get new impressions. He is convinced that the artist must be an active member of society, and that art detached from politics is impossible. It is art that brings new meanings and unconventional ideas to life.

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