Serbian painter Stojan Milanov
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Serbian painter Stojan Milanov

Serbian artist Stojan Milanov paints with texture, richness, impulsivity, and uses palette-knife a lot. Stojan’s style can be called poetic expressionism. His paintings seem to be covered by a magical haze that transforms familiar reality into beautiful fantasies, into pirate treasure chests.

Stojan graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, he excelled at drawing and has been painting since 1985. His works have been purchased by art collections in Europe and the United States. The artist believes that there must be a balance of the intuitive and the rationale, for a work to succeed, He compares his way in art to a road with many forks. At each crossroads it is necessary to find the right direction, guided by your own intuition.

Over thirty years of painting, his signature style has changed several times under the influence of various factors. And today Stojan is sure that all roads led him in the right direction.

He believes that the creative person is naturally endowed with special sensitivity and that this gift, once received, must be realized – such is the artist’s mission. If the gift is generously shared, it multiplies. Stojan sees the modern world as a paradoxical dystopia. And in order for a person not to be too lonely and scared in it, art should comfort and give hope.

Moreover, the world is full of objects, information, superfluous details, which overshadow the most important things. The search for the simplest, even trivial things, the discovery of their inner beauty is what Stojan Milanov does as an artist. In his paintings, motifs are often repeated: human figures, open faces, city streets, roads among fields and small villages, seashores.

For the author, they constitute a basic system of symbols, via this system he can say a great deal of things. Nature in general attracts Stojan, a city dweller. It is a real blessing – to come to the seashore and see the free, noisy water, not chained into the pipes; the vast sky overhead, to be able to capture the surrounding beauty on the canvases.

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