Roots&Roofs: the first NFT drop inspired by Berlin 14
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Roots&Roofs: the first NFT drop inspired by Berlin

Roots&Roofs: the first NFT drop inspired by Berlin

G.ART Gallery art platform celebrates the anniversary of the art residence and presents its collection of artworks in NFTs

One year ago, seven well-known and young artists from different countries came to Berlin to depict the diversity of the city. They created their artworks from the rooftop of a high-rise apartment house, on the border between West and East Berlin, which became a part of the new collection at G.ART Gallery. From now on, you can have these physical works of art linked to NFTs. By buying a painting, you get its NFT as a gift.

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The roots and the roofs of Berlin

The artists from the eastern flank of European countries went beyond their geographical and virtual boundaries, but through cultural roots and their own artistic perspectives. From the roof terrasse where the artists worked, they could see a 360° panorama of Berlin. This city excites and hypnotically attracts. The glimpses of both the victories and the failures, respect towards history, and brave openness to changes, are visible here.

The location determined the theme and dictated the concept created by the organizer and curator of the residency, Dzhemma Grebenko.

Berlin, viewed from above, fascinates you with its controversial multifacetedness.

Dzhemma Grebenko — Berlin. Roots&Roofs

A thoughtful expressionist, Latvian painter Іlgvars Zalans has created a series of emotional paintings for Roots&Roofs, where he first tied into a tight knot of work and then unleashed into intuitive, multi-directional flows his perceived image of Berlin. He did it with a striking passion — funny and elegantly. In his plenary compositions he displayed the colors of the German national flag in a casual, but very open manner.

The suggested topic helped Ganna Kryvolap, a Kyiv native artist, who is currently based in Montenegro, to be in her element. She, as an artist, has long been watching metropolises from above. This is reflected in several cycles of her paintings. For example, her collection of works includes a series of roof paintings called “Horizons” – of Kyiv, Istanbul, New York, Sarajevo, and Frankfurt. And now Berlin is also among them.

The other Ukrainian artist, Serhiy Savchenko, as for the diptych, which is boiling with unstoppable energies that seem to take his painting beyond the canvas, put it his way: “Exotica is one of the most widespread keys to perceiving the works of artists representing ‘non-EU’. Exoticism is a broad notion. From colorful entertainment to shocking details of life or survival. It is simply the most convenient and most interesting to observe “the other ”. For this reason, the Roots&Roofs residence this time combined Berlin motives with the addition of aboriginal flair”.

Not only a physical art

The online art Platform G.ART Gallery releases an NFT Roots&Roofs Berlin Collection on OpenSea platform, which will be a present for those who buy the artwork from the physical collection. The artworks from the Roots&Roofs collection are the perfect match for all Berlin lovers worldwide and could be beautifully incorporated into the interior design of homes, offices, hotels, banks, etc. Their NFTs would be your valuable investment in digital assets.

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NFT stands for a non-fungible token. This means that it’s not like dollars or Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, which are fungible. On the contrary, NFT has a unique price set by the highest bidder, just like a Monet or Dalí.

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And what could be an NFT art?

Any digital art and, basically, even physical art could be turned into NFT. NFTs are changing the art world also. Artists’ perspectives are growing, and it gives much more opportunities for protecting their IP rights, becoming famous worldwide, and commercially successful. As an art platform for contemporary art, we couldn’t stay away and launched our first NFT drop for the art Roots&Roofs collection, inspired by Berlin.

Maybe for someone, my digital artwork will be the first NFT, as it is for me. I’m thrilled to be part of the Roots&Roofs NFT drop.

Anastasiia Krutota, photographer

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