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Surrealism is one of the most interesting styles of visual art. It attracts with its paradoxes, mysticism, and unbridled imagination. In it, the real world is transformed into a wonderful dream – it retains the signs of reality, but is filled with unusual details.

Features and trends of surrealism

Surrealism emerged as a movement in the avant-garde art of the 1920s, although artists had used surrealist elements before, remember Hieronymus Bosch. This style was formed as a reaction to the absurdity of the world order. Its “fathers” were the writers Breton, Apollinaire and Soupault, who had gone through the First World War. Genetically linked to Dadaism, Surrealism, however, was not aimed at destruction. The artists inspiredly began to create new worlds in which even the laws of physics changed: objects flew, clocks flowed and stairs ended nowhere. To extol the absurd, to weaken the dictates of reason, to broadly interpret the unconscious – these are the main objectives of surrealism, still relevant today. Postmodernism took much from Surrealism, in particular the freedom of association and methods of destroying reality.

Famous surrealism artists: yesterday & now

Even people far from art know the names of the stars of Surrealism: Salvador Dali, René Magritte, Max Ernst, Giorgio de Chirico, Frida Kahlo, Joan Miró… Their influence on minds was enormous, their works unforgettable. During the 20th century neo-surrealism, massurrealism, fantastic realism, visionary art and other movements emerged. Today, there are many artists working in the style of surrealism, just to mention a few of the popular surrealist artists. Polish-French artist Wojtek Siudmak, for example, has elegantly combined naturalism and surrealism in his fantasy worlds. The protagonist of the paintings of Serbian artist Ivana Živić is water flooding buildings, turning them into human aquariums. French artist Julie Curtiss works at the intersection of surrealism and pop art. American Mary Reid Kelley uses surrealist techniques to create multimedia projects. The work of one of Germany’s most famous artists, Jonathan Meese, is a striking example of expressive surrealism.

What are surrealistic artworks today?

Modern surrealism is characterised by polymorphism, a multiplicity of micro-directions and total technical freedom. The development of the style has been greatly influenced by new digital technologies. Some critics argue that the ‘great’ surrealism is a thing of the past, along with its founders, but an overview of the work of contemporary surrealists is not disappointing. In the works of leading artists there are traditional themes: the subconscious, various phobias, sexual fears, religious insights and so on. The world today is very far from harmonious, which means that the absurdity of surrealism is still relevant.

Surrealism artworks in Eastern Europe

Surrealism in some countries of Eastern Europe, especially those that were part of the USSR, was for a long time banned, as were other movements of modernism. One example of resistance to bans is the work of the Pole Zdzisław Beksiński, who created an original anti-utopian surrealism. Today many artists in Eastern Europe are experimenting with this rich style, including reflecting on the recent past. The young Ukrainian artist Yuri Bolsa, for example, conceptualises his native mining town, creating phantasmagorias from elements of Soviet heritage and modernity.

Surrealism artworks on the G.ART gallery

Online art platform G.ART Gallery is pleased to present contemporary surreal artists from Eastern Europe and their work. The style is deservedly very popular. Artworks in the style of surrealism are often bought online for interior decoration, a great gift for people inclined to see the world as different from what it seems. The G.ART collection offers works that combine an original author’s vision with high-quality workmanship – surrealist canvas oil paintings, landscapes, portraits for sale. Buyers are offered a variety of subjects, techniques and genres:

  • landscape (Andrei Petkevich)
  • portrait (Olga Berezyuk)
  • Strong natural motives (Andriy Gurenko).

However, often artists mix genres freely and landscapes-adventures, phantasmagorias, still life, in which the whole stories are encoded, emerge…

How to choose surrealism artwork on G.ART Gallery platform?

Buying surrealism is really fun, it eliminates the banal vision and never gets boring. The rich colour schemes make it possible to match a painting to any interior, character and temperament. G.ART Gallery offers works of different sizes, from small to rather large canvases that can be accentuated in the interior of a house or office. Surrealist painters work with oil on canvas and acrylic technique and G.ART guarantees the longevity and high quality of the works. If you find it difficult to decide on a choice, the online platform specialists will consult you and help you select the work of art according to colour, size and other parameters. You can also get more information about the artist.

How to buy online surrealism artwork on G.ART gallery?

The G.ART gallery team is constantly expanding its collection of artists and doing everything possible to make buying art a comfortable experience:

  • works with artists without intermediaries
  • offers a large selection of surrealism artwork for sale
  • provides certificates of authenticity
  • goes out of their way to satisfy purchasers and provides advice online
  • ensures fast delivery by international companies

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