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Artists have always endeavoured to depict the external appearance of people and animals and details of the world around them with the greatest similarity. This was a peculiar form of worship of the beauty of nature, the complexity and harmony of the universe. And today realism is probably the most popular style, despite the fact that it has experienced many changes.

Today we will present you the most known realism artists list with their artworks and add useful information about our online platform.

Features and trends of realism

Realism was formed in the nineteenth century in a debate with Academism and Romanticism and a new dynamic world demanded a new artistic language. The main feature of works in the style of realism was an objective reflection of reality. Landscapes and still lifes with natural light, human work, scenes from everyday life, criticism of the sins of society – realism mastered different themes. True, today a nineteenth-century man would not recognise this style! For almost two centuries it had developed into several movements: Russian Peredvizhniki, Italian Verism, Communist Socialist Realism, American Contemporary Realism, Magical Realism, Hyperrealism and even Abstract Realism! In each of these movements, masterpieces were created which have become part of the world’s art treasury.

Famous realist artists: yesterday & now

Most famous realist painters include Jean-François Millet, Gustave Courbet (founders of the style), Alexey Savrasov, Ilya Repin, Ivan Shishkin, Wilhelm Leibl, Thomas Eakins, Andrew Wyeth, Lucian Freud with their most famous realism paintings.

Contemporary realism artists like Roberto Ferri and Jeremy Lipkin, hyper-realists Luciano Ventrone and Andrew Talbot, magical realists like Maya Kulenovic… However, we will not make long lists and rankings, as every country has a range of excellent artists who interpret the realist tradition in their own way.

What are realistic artworks today?

In recent decades the style of realism has changed dramatically, its boundaries have widened and artists have acquired unprecedented freedom. They are less prone to social criticism now that the style has ceased to be a tool of political forces. Contemporary realist painters and graphic artists explore the world in detail; they are interested in the human body, the beauty of nature, the life of modern cities.

So what is realism painting? The realist style has no limitations in techniques and materials, the graphics and sculpture are as good as traditional realism oil paintings.

Realist artworks in Eastern Europe

Realism artists from Eastern Europe have for the most part received an excellent academic education, as the realist school is traditionally strong in this region. Professionals who are free to choose their own themes, subjects and techniques, produce very different works. In addition, the original cultural traditions of each country nurture contemporary artists and create their uniqueness. One of the important qualities of the realism artists in Eastern Europe is their desire to integrate into the global art scene while maintaining their cultural identity.

Realism artworks on the G.ART

The online art platform G.ART realism art gallery is very happy to cooperate with contemporary artists from Eastern Europe. The G.ART collection (which is constantly expanding) presents original realist artworks in various genres:

  • Magical realism (Vachagan Narazyan, Olga Berezyuk, Algis Griskevicius)
  • Landscape (Alexander Kruchan, Algis Griskevicius, Oleksiy Lytvynenko, Eduard Prykhodko, Yaroslav Leonets)
  • Portrait (Pavlo Yarmolyk)
  • Nudes (János Zoltán Kovács)
  • Botanical illustration (Maria Bykova)

How to choose realism artwork on G.ART Gallery platform?

Works in various techniques – realistic style of art with oil on canvas painting, landscapes drawings, photography and objects – are often purchased for interior decoration. Buyers are attracted by the clear images and the possibility to see a story told by the artist: about a sunrise in a small seaside town, the scent of fresh flowers, a trip, love … How to choose realism artwork? First of all, the work has to be in harmony with you, you have to like the subject and the colour. It is preferable that the work should match the interior of your home or office in size, theme, colour and resonate with other works in your collection. Materials can be different (oil or acrylic paintings, graphics, collages, etc.) but you should keep in mind that some materials require special conditions: avoid direct sunlight, protection from dust, etc. If you are having difficulties making a choice, G.ART specialists will advise you and help you to choose an artwork in terms of colour, size and other parameters.

How to buy realism artwork on G.ART Gallery?

To find the best famous realistic paintings for sale – G.ART does everything possible to make the purchase of your artwork as comfortable as possible:

  • the price for realism artworks is adequate to the quality
  • we offer a large selection of modern realistic art for sale
  • we work directly with artists
  • provide certificates of authenticity
  • consult buyers
  • deliver works to you quickly

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