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Having emerged as a medium for documenting reality, photography has become one of the legitimate art forms, with its own means for expressing ideas, statements, messages, and emotions through visuals.

Whether gravitating toward the as-is depiction of a captured piece of reality or its complete transformation, every fine art photography should tell a story about and within its author’s vision and aesthetics and have an artistic value in other people’s eyes.

Intro to History of Art Photography

The first photograph – a permanent image on a metal plate – was taken in France by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in the mid-1820s. Several inventors further developed his technology and expedited the widespread use of the first cameras.

Artists were not hesitant to embrace a new medium for their creative expression. Starting from the first exhibition by John Edwin Mayall in 1851, photographic art made its way into galleries and museums. And special credit for that must go to Alfred Stieglitz, who actively promoted photography as an independent art form on par with traditional arts.

Despite many critics’ opposition to recognizing it as one, photographers kept implementing different techniques, coming up with fresh approaches, and experimenting with new tools. Their efforts resulted in various directions and genres of photography developing throughout the 20th century and beyond.

How to Choose Fine Art Photography

People buy photo art prints for many reasons:

  • as a gift
  • expanding their photography collection
  • decorating their home
  • supporting creatives
  • investing in promising artworks.

Depending on yours, there will be several different things to consider beforehand, but print material is always important. Acid-free archival paper and cotton canvas blend are best for keeping an artwork in mint condition.

Printing technique also impacts the look and durability of an art print. Unlike usual inkjet printing, the giclee method ensures precise color matching, vividness, sharpness, and resistance to fading and yellowing over time.

When looking for a photo print for interior design, please consider its size, color scheme, and mood, so it smoothly integrates into the surrounding space. Also, the style and genre of an image can greatly affect the whole room’s atmosphere: landscape or animal photography would keep it more neutral, while a conceptual piece can introduce unique and quite showy vibes.

Technicalities aside, it is mainly genuine appreciation for a particular artwork that should help you make the right choice and actually enjoy it.

Where and How to Buy Photography

With such an embarrassment of riches in the world of art galleries, making a choice becomes unnecessarily complicated. It’s possible, however, to narrow down the range of places by weighing the advantages they present.

Physical galleries seem fancier for those who like buying art the traditional way, with full immersion in the process.

However, online galleries outshine them with a much greater choice of photography artworks and prints for sale. They are also accessible at any time, from any place, and nobody is there to push you into making a purchase.

For collectors interested in particular themes, periods, or countries, there are smaller galleries. Most of those who run them have a genuine interest in their sphere of expertise and motivation to share valuable knowledge with their community.

Emerging photographers also benefit from collaboration with niche galleries, where they have more opportunities to be seen and heard. With big galleries, though, it’s always a struggle to figure out how to sell fine art photography in an oversaturated environment.

Regardless of where you’d like to buy photography, it’s necessary to get into the context of art photography first to understand better what it can offer.

That way, you will have more questions to ask and, thus, a bigger chance to make a more informed choice. Many galleries would be happy to provide you with every detail and even advise you on integrating artworks into your space. You can ask for visualizations of your room with several pieces to get an idea of the final result.

If shopping online, make sure shipment and delivery conditions suit you, especially if you need your order by a certain date.

Eastern Europe Art Photography on G.Art Gallery

After years of showing sporadic flickers of interest, today’s art world welcomes Eastern Europe photographers, who offer refreshing otherness while dissolving outmoded and overgeneralized perceptions about their countries.

Some names like Enri Canaj, or Joanna Piotrowska, already shine among famous creatives. Yet, many bright talents still don’t get the exposure they deserve. We, at G.Art Gallery, want to change it and give voice to photographers from all 24 countries representing the Eastern Europe region.

We handpick original artworks in various styles and genres, from portraits to surrealism photography, created over the last 40+ years. They come as limited-edition prints, each with a signed certificate of authenticity. You can easily navigate through our gallery filtering artworks by style, country, year, and color, or with our curated lists.

We also encourage you to check out our magazine for in-depth interviews: engaging in a dialogue with photographers is an important part of exploring photography.

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