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Painting is a type of visual art that creates the illusion of three-dimensional space on a flat surface using paints. A primitive painter once painted a wild bull hunt on a cave wall, and it was the first artwork, a painting masterpiece, even though only soot and ochre were used as materials. Painting has changed many times over the millennia, and through sacral spaces and aristocratic palaces, it came literally into every home to decorate it.

New art & paintings – new rules

150 years ago, critics and connoisseurs of fine art knew exactly what true painting should look like. There was a strict hierarchy of genres, at the top of which were biblical and historical subjects. The painting had to be realistic and “neat”, in an expensive wooden frame. Breaking the academic rules began with the artists of Impressionism and then Modernism. In the twentieth century these requirements seem simply ridiculous.
Even today, however, many artists work according to the old canons, creating realistic oil paintings on canvas. But a huge number of contemporary artists have left strict realism and work in different styles, with different media: gouache, watercolour, acrylics, polymers … They paint on cardboard, fabric, wood, metal and plastic, complement paintings with applications, develop original techniques – they create cool modern painting. All trends, both traditional and modern, have their admirers.

Art is moving into the online space

In recent years, humanity has experienced another revolution in the sale of art. Today you don’t have to go to exhibitions, fairs and auctions (although that is very exciting!) to buy a new painting for your collection. There are more and more convenient ways to buy paintings online. It has many advantages: The buyer not only saves time but also discovers local art markets, finds young artists, new themes and new angles. Note that among all areas of art painting is still the leader in sales.

Where to look for paintings for sale?

The question for the collector of modern paintings is: how and where to buy, directly from the artists or through an online shop of arts, paintings gallery? Of course, the opportunity to buy an artwork from an artist and save money is very tempting! This method works very well for emerging artists who eagerly sell their works through social networks or big online venues (where you have to search for gems in a mountain of amateurish pieces of art).
But artists who already have a serious reputation tend to work with specific galleries and art dealers. So if you want to buy a contemporary painting by a well-known artist, the best way is to find a gallery that has an agreement with the artist. This can also be an online gallery.

G.ART collection – paintings for every taste.

The online GART Gallery presents local art from Eastern Europe on the international market, works directly with renowned contemporary artists , and selects the highest quality original paintings for sale.
The GART Gallery’s painting catalogues exhibits a wide range of exquisite paintings to suit every taste, covering a range of materials, formats and colours (colourful, monochrome). There are works in various styles, the most popular of which are:

  • realism
  • magical realism
  • surrealism
  • impressionism
  • expressionism
  • fauvism
  • abstraction

The list of genres and subjects is practically unlimited: seascapes, women’s images, still life, nudes, techniques, animals – a kaleidoscope of paintings, each of which can decorate the interior of your home or office. If you find it hard to choose – buy figurative artworks or abstraction, still life with flowers or a cityscape – GART Gallery specialists are always ready to help with advice.

Making the world a better place

Of course, modern interiors reject strict rules. It can be whatever style and colour you like, it can be filled with knick-knacks or contain no unnecessary details at all. Painting in a flat or office is not a requirement. But any designer will tell you that a carefully chosen piece of contemporary art, hand painted with love, will give your interior a unique atmosphere.
GART Gallery not only offers original art for sale, but also wants to make the world a bit more beautiful and kinder – through paintings and real deeds. Today the gallery supports Ukrainian artists, and every art lover can do his or her bit because a part of money from the sale of paintings is transferred to funds helping Ukraine.

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