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It’s difficult to start a conversation about contemporary art – after all, it’s not a specific style that unites certain artists, but the vast variety of individual styles and techniques that exist in our time. Let’s think back to how art became “modern” in the first place.

What is the history of modern drawing?

Art today is a heritage of the freedom of modernism, which emerged at the end of the nineteenth century. From a distance of a century and a half it seems like a fresh breeze, blowing out the boredom of academism, for art no longer wants to blindly copy nature and indulge the tastes of ordinary people. It broke the image into small dots (because that’s how the eye sees!), into cubes and triangles, used bright open colours, and outraged and outraged. Discoveries in physics, psychology and other sciences, social upheaval and technological progress – all served to change the world and art with it.

The Salon des Refusés in Paris, where artists who had not been accepted by the official Parisian Academy of Fine Arts (notable today are Manet, Pissarro, Courbet, Cézanne, Whistler and others) were exhibited since the 1860s, can be considered the start of modernism. After that, art styles and trends developed very rapidly, one after the other: Impressionism, post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Dadaism, Futurism, Suprematism, Abstractionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism…

Having explored, so it seems, all the possibilities of modernism, artists in the 1960s entered postmodernism, which was characterized by disappointment in the logical structure of the world, the destruction of hierarchies, total irony and a love of quotation. Half a century has passed and art has moved into a new era – metamodernism – and is between irony and seriousness, denial and hope, scepticism and pathos.

Famous modern painters

Modernist artists are a very wide range of people who work in different styles. At first, their works were laughed at and called smear and ugly, but now they are extremely important. The creative impulse of modernism and later postmodernism was so strong that even today the artists are in dialogue with these ideas, styles and trends. For example, the artists Lui Liu (China), Tilo Baumgärtel (Germany) work in the style of surrealism, the British Adam Ralston and Michael Richardson are modern impressionists, Aarti Bartake (Singapore), Albert Oehlen (Germany), Jean-Baptiste Bernadet (France) are successful abstractionists … In the 21st century expressionism, minimalism, pop art and other trends are as popular as in the 20th. Performative practices, video-art, graffiti, installations, virtual reality, and many artists combine different media and styles, like Ai Weiwei (China) or Yto Barrada (France-Morocco).

What is modern drawing as a type of technique?

Based on the above, we can see that “contemporary drawing” or “contemporary painting” is a limitless creative field. The author can work with a simple pencil on paper or oil on canvas, make tiny pastels or large acrylic paintings, create sculptures, photographs or video installations, may not draw at all, but stage performances and happening, and still be a contemporary artist. In this sense, the terms “contemporary art” and “contemporary art” are synonymous. However, many art historians separate them, believing that the latter includes only those artists who are able to sense the demands of the era, create new meanings and go one step ahead of their peers.

What modern painted artworks can be?

There are no technical limitations in contemporary visual art, artists use the whole range of materials. Graphics, painting and sculpture use both classic oil paints, acrylics, ink, watercolour, paper, fabric, wood, and rather unusual matrices: levkas, burning, complexly worked metals, polymers. In terms of genres, the most common work by contemporary artists includes:

  • portrait
  • landscape
  • still life
  • nude
  • animalism
  • narrative painting

Modern drawing in Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, contemporary art is developing alongside global trends. Professional artists work in different styles, genres, with different media, participating in exhibitions, fairs, residencies, plenaries. Among the major contemporary artists of the region are Paweł Althamer (Poland), Ivana Zivic (Serbia), Evelina Deicmane (Latvia), Oleg Tistol (Ukraine), Nino Morbedadze (Georgia), Romeo Melikyan (Armenia), Adrian Ghenie (Romania – Germany)… Today many artists and curators are asking important questions – how to exist in the international field of contemporary art without losing national identity.

Modern paintings on G.ART Gallery

A collection of contemporary art for sale online on the G.ART art platform can illustrate these two trends: getting closer to the world’s best examples and, at the same time, preserving national colour. See how much sunshine there is in the works of Azerbaijani artists Mir Azer Abdullayev, Anar Huseynzada and RafaiL Aliyev, and how the southern stars of Georgian artist Mikheil Balavadze shine! In their work we can see the influence of Cubism, Impressionism, Surrealism and other styles which have gained well-deserved recognition.

How to choose modern painted artwork?

Because of the ‘many faces’ of contemporary art, the choice can be difficult. First of all, look at the collection and decide which direction of art you like, is the story told by the artist interesting to you? In order for the painting you buy to look harmonious in the interior, it is worth matching it with the colour scheme and style of the room. Consider the size, as a small painting will simply get lost in the interior. Vertical paintings and elongated sculptures make low ceilings look higher, and for rooms that are too high it is better to choose a big horizontal canvas. G.ART Gallery specialists are always ready to advise and help with the choice.

How to buy modern painting?

The G.ART Gallery online platform makes it very easy to buy modern artworks as the team has developed simple algorithms and user-friendly service. G.ART Gallery is:

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