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What is modern minimalism art? Minimalism in visual art is a very diverse trend, which has many expressions. Its main feature is the aspiration to limitation of expressive means, modesty and simplicity of artistic language. We can say that minimalism rejects everything unnecessary and reveals the essence of art.

Features and trends of minimalist art

Where can we find the origins of minimalism? Art historians trace its beginnings back to the “Black Square” by Kazimir Malevich: a basic geometrical form, two pigments, black and white, a great philosophical fullness of outward restraint. But if we turn to the East, we will see the centuries-old Japanese culture, in which minimalism is elevated not only to aesthetic, but also to a philosophical principle. The culture in which the excesses are equal to bad taste, gave to the world fine examples of minimalism in interiors, design, poetry and, of course, fine art, for example, sumi-e – easy aesthetic minimalist paintings in ink. Modern Japanese minimalism does not break with tradition, but finds a new expression. In the West the minimalist tendencies in the XX century were present in constructivism, Bauhaus art, dadaism, geometrical abstraction and other styles. Classical minimalism (minimal art or ABC art) was formed in the 1960s in the United States. It is characterised by simple geometric forms, the rejection of pompous symbolism and the use of repetition. We hope that modern minimalism art definition become clear for you.

Famous minimalism artists

Since the desire for simplicity existed in many different trends, the most famous minimalist artists include many masters, especially abstractionists. For example, the American Frank Stella, who created the ‘Black Paintings’ cycle in the 1950s, made a name for himself in the style of post-painterly abstraction. His older contemporary Ellsworth Kelly did bright, concise geometries in the ‘color field’ style. Prominent American artists Ad Reinhardt, John McCracken, Anne Truitt, Agnes Martin worked with minimalism sculpture and painting. The Frenchman Yves Klein became very famous thanks to his original blue famous minimalist art. The Spaniard Antón Lamazares became famous as a lyrical minimalist, while the Chilean artist Jose Basso is called the “perfect minimalist” for his landscapes that combine extreme conciseness with spirituality. At the end of the twentieth century neo-minimalism emerged, with names such as Catharine Burgess, Peter Halley and Peter Schuyff.

What are minimalist artworks today?

Minimalism contemporary art pieces – you could call them simplistic paintings – are often monochrome or colour-neutral, containing either simple geometry or simplified natural forms (large planes of sky, water). Minimalist painters are attentive to materials as well as to the space in which the object is placed. Ideas of minimalism are implemented not only in painting or minimalist sculpture, but also in interior design (for example, in the so popular Scandinavian style), landscape and graphic design, in the sphere of high and mass fashion. Modern minimalist photography is very interesting, for example, the work of Martin Vorel (Czech Republic). Apart from visual modern minimal art, there is minimalism music, literature, cinema and even… cooking and do not forget about minimalist sculptors.

Minimalism artworks in Eastern Europe

Contemporary minimalist art in Eastern Europe is popular and actively developing in various genres. To name just a few names. Jarek Puczel (Poland) works with portraits, Radek Smach (Czech Republic) paints “misty” landscapes, Lia Chechelashvili (Georgia) is famous for black and white compositions, Arthur Wishup (Armenia) creates dynamic geometry, Tiberius Silvashi (Ukraine) is close to the “color field” style. These and many other artists not only create original works, but also develop the theory of minimalist art, which will undoubtedly become popular in the XXI century.

Minimalist artworks on the G.ART

Online platform G.ART Gallery presents works of modern minimalist artists from 23 Eastern European countries. For simplistic art lovers, it is a pleasure to recommend the subtle, lyrical, minimalist landscapes and oil paintings on canvas (Ludvigs Bērziņš, Ganna Gidora). The gallery is constantly enlarging its collection. It works with different trends in modern minimalism. The strengths of G.ART include:

  • Cooperation with professional artists directly.
  • Sale only original modern minimal artworks
  • Careful selection of minimalist paintings for sale
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  • Professional customer consulting
  • A true love of modern minimalist art

A desire to represent Western European artists in the best possible way to show minimalism art examples.

How to choose minimalist artwork on G.ART Gallery platform?

Minimalist oil and acrylic paintings, graphics and prints can fit into any modern interior: from high-tech to classical, from austere office to cosy country house. They appeal with their simplicity and laconicism, and with the clarity of their colour and composition. Getting ready to buy a minimalist (portrait, landscape, still life and others) artwork it is necessary to determine the place where it will be placed, decide what size, material and colour scheme is most suitable. Perhaps you want to gather a collection of paintings by a certain artist, or choose works by genre? Aesthetic minimalist art would be a good solution for a designer interior! Even a single work in a good location can be the visual highlight of your home.

How to buy online minimalists art on G.ART Gallery?

You can buy minimalist artwork quickly and easily from anywhere in the world via G.ART. Here is what we provide on our minimalist art for sale page:

  • Choose a destination, an artist and a specific work
  • Consult with G.ART online if necessary
  • Order visualisation and colour matching
  • Pay for your artwork the way you want.
  • Expect delivery in a short time

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