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Modern city people are less and less likely to be out in nature. But there is a landscape genre to remind us of how beautiful the world is.

What is landscape drawing as a kind of drawing?

Hills, fields, peaks, valleys, rivers, seashores, city parks, streets and courtyards are all landscape art, one of the very popular genres of fine art. Nowadays landscapes are usually painted from life, often as outdoor paintings, but several centuries ago landscape was only a conventional backdrop. Artists placed their heroes in an idealised landscape – the heroes of Holy History were in the shadow of Europe’s cool forests instead of Israel’s desert, while Brueghel’s hunters were in mountainous country, although the Netherlands lay on the plains.

Landscape art has come a long way. The first landscapes existed in the paintings of Antiquity, as evidenced, for example, by the frescoes of Pompeii. In the East, in Chinese painting detailed landscapes have appeared in the beginning of our era, but Europe had to wait until the XV century – only in the Renaissance artists moved away from the symbolic medieval scenery paintings and began to look more closely at nature. In the XIX century there was a real battle for a realistic landscape! With the emergence of Impressionism, the landscape, full of light and air, became the real king of painting.

Famous landscape painters

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, William Turner, John Constable, John Crome, Camille Corot and Jean-Francois Millet developed the basic techniques of realistic landscape painting. They were the giants on whose shoulders stood the masters of Impressionism: Edouard Manet and Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Alfred Sisley and many others, after whom the landscape genre changed forever.

In post-impressionism the landscape began to be modified, taking on an unprecedented vividness (as with Paul Gauguin) or an internal rigid structure (as with Paul Cezanne). And in the XX century it underwent multiple transformations: it disintegrated into geometric figures (in cubism), exploded with futuristic rhythms, turned into conventional spots and lines (in abstraction), filled with surrealist details… Among the original landscape painters of the XX century we should mention Giorgio de Chirico, Richard Diebenkorn, Andrew Wyeth, David Hockney, Georgia O’Keeffe, Harold Ancart and the list is endless. But no amount of bold experimentation has killed realistic oil landscapes, which still have a huge number of fans today..

What landscape painted artworks can be?

The main types of contemporary landscape art include:

  • Seascape or marina
  • Rural landscape
  • Wildlife scenes (forests, mountains, etc.)
  • Urban (architectural, urban) landscape
  • Industrial landscape (factories, plants).

Of course there are no hard borders between these views, an artist or a photographer can mix different trends and fantasize as he or she wants – the main thing is to excite the viewer, he or she would like to immerse into the landscape, run to the seashore or to the maze of old narrow streets. Perhaps a particularly interesting trend is the magical landscape, which is close to Surrealism, but its mystique is created by more subtle means. Modern landscape art techniques are also very diverse: painting on canvas in oil and acrylics, watercolours, pastels and mixed media

What is the most popular landsсape for design of apartment

Scenic paintings in the landscape genre can be found in any interior, both classic and the most original, because we remember that landscape forms are very variable. If realistic or impressionistic landscape looks good in neo-classic, provincial or Scandinavian style interiors then an abstract or surrealistic landscape fits perfectly in modern, fusion or art deco style interiors.

Similarly you can “play” with landscape painting depending on the functional purpose of the room and choose works that suit the colour and mood of the living room, bedroom or children’s room. Bathroom landscape? Why not! A clever arrangement of high-quality landscape paintings in the interior gives it extra volume and aesthetics. Visit our article about interior tips with artworks on out Gart blog.

Landscape drawing in Eastern Europe

Original landscape schools have developed in almost all the countries of Eastern Europe. Some of them developed in line with the Western European tradition (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland), some fell into the orbit of Russian landscape painting, indeed very strong in the realist direction. In general it can be said that Eastern European landscape painting of the last century was influenced by both modernism and socialist realism, which demanded a precise adherence to nature. Fans of realism will find realistic treasures in Eastern European museums and galleries, but in recent decades there has been an explosion of modern landscape painting in the region, abandoning the copying of nature and seeking new means of expression.

Landscape paintings on G.ART Gallery

G.ART Gallery’s online collection showcases a great variety of contemporary Eastern European landscape paintings. Professional artists’ works in various styles and techniques seem to come together in a kaleidoscope of colours and connoisseurs of this genre can choose and buy landscapes in a wide range of colours. Interestingly, the colour is not necessarily tightly bound to the subject of the painting – for example, a blue landscape is not always the sea, a green landscape is not always forest, and red – tropical exotics. Rather, it is more about the temperament of the artist himself, his favourite palette.

How to choose landscape painted artwork?

The most successful choice of a work in the landscape genre will be based on the consonance of the taste of the buyer and the artist. A work that you like at first sight is sure to find its place in your home or office. Several small landscapes by the same or different artists can make an interesting composition in close colours or contrasts. A large landscape will dominate the wall and set the mood for the whole room. An interesting proposal from the online platform G.ART Gallery are landscapes of irregular shapes, oval and long paintings.

How to buy landscape painting

Selling landscape paintings online is becoming an increasingly popular form of art. Buyers get access to art from different countries, have the opportunity to get to know regional art markets, find their favourite artist and follow their work. The online art platform G.ART Gallery has developed a simple and convenient algorithm for purchasing artworks and guarantees:

  • A large selection of original works in the landscape genre
  • Cooperation with professional artists, individual selection
  • Advice on all stages of the purchase
  • Safe payment
  • High quality packaging
  • Fast delivery of works

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