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Expressionism is poetically called ‘the art of someone in crisis’. It emerged in the early decades of the 20th century and is still popular today; collectors enjoy buying expressionism artworks. Of course, humanity has experienced significant crises before, but only the 20th century shaped this style and gave artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers the tools to express acute feelings, both tragic and joyful.

What is expressionism paintings?

Paintings (oil, acrylic or watercolour), graphics, photography, digital and analog collage made in this style are very different in appearance. Expressionism is not a trend with clear signs, but rather a state of mind, a mood. If what you see in modern artworks expressed emotions, exaggerated feelings, flashes of emotion, tension or even horror, rendered through colour, rhythm and intricate shapes, you are looking at expressionism. A painting can be close to realism, like Egon Schiele’s tragic Family, the artist’s last work devoted to the death of his wife and child from the Spanish flu. But at the same time, contemporary expressionism is often abstract and expresses strong emotions without imitating nature.

Who are famous expressionist painters?

Egon Schiele was a famous representative of Austrian expressionism. His older contemporary, the Norwegian Edvard Munch (who incidentally also has a self-portrait from the Spanish flu epidemic), created what is perhaps an ‘icon’ of Expressionism – the colourful, horror-filled Scream. The German Danish painter Emil Nolde also liked bright colours, and his works are impressed by a combination of childishness and inner tension.

This style was most pronounced in the visual art of Germany in the first third of the 20th century, after the destructive senseless war. German artists – Max Beckmann, Karl Caspar, Karl Hofer, Otto Dix and others – were looking for ways to convey the emotions of that very “man of crisis”. Which genre was the most popular? Probably the photograph with its psychologism. For example the Austrian Oskar Kokoschka was an outstanding master of the expressive portrait – and it is interesting to compare his work with Francis Bacon, a British artist of the second half of the 20th century.

Unfortunately German Expressionism, described as ‘degenerate art, Entartete Kunst’, was banned in the 1930s. However, this trend did not die, but moved to a new quality – in the 1940s expressionism abstract art (Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko) began to form in the United States, which found many followers.

Not just men: women abstract expressionism

We’ve named a dozen great male artists, but let’s not forget about female art! An outstanding abstract expressionist was the American Helen Frankenthaler, a follower of Pollock. Elaine de Kooning worked in this field – and how can you not be inspired by expressionism in the company of such stars, including her husband Willem? On the edge of figuration and abstraction was the American Grace Hartigan. One of the strangest examples of abstract expressionism was created by the Canadian-American artist Agnes Martin. I would like to call her style simple expressivism art – extremely detached, calm and measured abstractions, which nevertheless have mysticism and strong feelings.

Expressionism art for sale в G.ART Gallery

On the art platform G.ART Gallery you can buy online expressive paintings by famous Eastern European artists in a wide range of genres from figurative to abstract, as well as in different genres:

  • expressive portrait
  • still life
  • urban sketches
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  • surrealist expression

Unfortunately, crises do not end and modern expressionism still tries to answer difficult questions about the meaning of existence. The G.ART Gallery collection is being enriched with works reflecting Ukrainian realities and the human dimension of war.

Luckily, in contemporary art, there is a strong desire to enjoy life, no matter what, to see not only black and white but also many shades. Expressionist artists create bright, optimistic and impressive works of art, which become accents of the interior. G.ART Gallery offers the best examples of new expressionism in various techniques. And if you find it hard to choose and buy drawing artworks or painting artworks, the gallery’s experts will help and answer all your questions.

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