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Graphics is a type of visual art in which the main intrigue is the interaction between the surface (most often paper) and the drawing: colour or monochrome lines and spots. But it would be too easy to say that graphics is only pencil drawings, everything is much more interesting!

From papyrus to graphics tablets

The art of graphics has evolved over thousands of years – from Neolithic petroglyphs to papyrus drawings, from black-red-and-white figures on Greek ceramics to medieval miniatures – and continues to evolve today. Artists have developed a variety of techniques.   

In addition to pencils, they use ink, charcoal, sanguine, pastel, watercolour and other materials. The most complicated type of graphics is printmaking, that is, images created with prints. It includes etching on metal (etching, aquatint, dry needle), on wood (xylography), on stone (lithography), on linoleum (linocut) and others.

Today printmaking has become more of a niche art. Such works are created for a long time, require a printing press, and therefore their fairly high price is justified. At the same time, computer graphics are becoming increasingly popular, which allows you to create art drawing designs (illustrations, political cartoons, posters) in just a few hours.

Graphics at GART Gallery

Of course, with such a variety of techniques, the question arises as to which type of images to collect. After all, modern graphic art includes many different types: classic prints, silkscreen prints, watercolour paintings, prints on fabric, quick sketch drawings with markers, fine liner drawings, digital formats, collages and mixed media… Each style has its own fans and collectors. It would not be wrong to say that interaction of the viewer with graphics means a subtle, almost intimate experience. So when choosing a drawing it’s best to be guided by your feelings and good artistic taste.

The GART Gallery art platform considers graphics to be the most promising direction – along with painting artworks and photography for sale – and offers to buy art drawings in various techniques. This section of the gallery is constantly updated  with new work by contemporary Eastern European artists experimenting with themes, styles and materials. Here you can find:

  • abstract watercolour paintings
  • ink drawings on paper
  • pastel landscapes
  • botanical illustration
  • charcoal drawings on canvas 
  • gel pens
  • art prints and other options

Drawings in interiors: some tips

Original drawings from the GART Gallery collection can be a great accompaniment to the interior of your home or office and add elegance. However, there are a few rules for a graphic work to be beneficially displayed in an interior.

You should not place it next to a vivid realist or surrealist painting or a large sculpture which would simply overshadow it. Small graphics (A4 prints, hand drawn sketches and others) can be arranged in a group, matching the style. A large drawing, poster or print on its own can be an accent in the interior. Drawings should be framed with glass to protect them from dust and well lit (but also protected from sunlight). With these simple tips, your home graphic collection will be real amazing!

How do I buy art drawings online from GART Gallery?

One of the important questions that arise when you buy an artwork is how to send it to another country and won’t it be damaged? Today’s online art market is booming, with many artists and galleries sending pieces to the other side of the globe. And of course, transportation companies are concerned about the safety of such parcels. The drawings are packed in cardboard, sometimes in tubes and protected with a thick layer of film.      

In general, any drawing online at GART Gallery is easy to find. The rubricator on the website allows the selection of themes, styles, mediums and countries. Our designers have visualization for each work – you can see how the drawing will look in the interior, assess its shape and scale. The gallery’s specialists are ready to consult the customer at every stage of the choice.  

…Perhaps the subtle beauty of graphic art is not as quickly discovered as the colourful, spectacular painting. But once you’ve fallen in love with drawings, it’s hard to stop! And you visit galleries, exhibitions or go online shopping in search of prints, pencil drawings, art sketches for sale… Well, GART Gallery is pleased to share with you the best pieces of its collection.

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