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Collage is a popular trend in modern fine art. Collage technique is a very fascinating art form that requires old magazines, pieces of fabric, pics, labels, dried plants and other materials that can be used to create a new image.

Some people may think that collages are made by people who can’t really draw, because it’s so easy! On the one hand, really, let’s not compare creating a marble sculpture or a large painting with the work of a collage artist. It’s more like fun, a break from serious work. On the other hand making a collage, not just gluing bits of paper and dry leaves chaotically, is not at all easy! If we try to find its formula, it would be: “effectiveness, originality, new meanings”.


Artistic collage in modern art

The first professional collages were created at the turn of the 1920s by Dadaist artists (Jean Arp, Georg Groß, Raoul Hausmann, Max Ernst, Kurt Schwitters), who rejected rationality and order and glorified the irrationality of chance. They were very fond of this technique in which the main effect arises precisely because of the “accidental” collision of disparate fragments of images. The Dadaists were followed by the Surrealists, and here too many prospects for the imagination were opened. The collage showed itself excellently in photography and avant-garde cinema. The great cubists, Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso were keen on collage pictures, while in post-modernism it became, one might say, an ideology – new meanings were being created from the quotations of others.

In the 21st century this direction of visual art is still popular and actively developing in different directions: photo collage, book illustration, billboards on city streets, website design, digital collage, music videos … At exhibitions one can see modern collage art by famous artists: Wangechi Mutu, Mark Bradford, Laslo Antal, Vanessa German and others. One could say that human thinking in general has become collage-like; bits and pieces of information overlap and intricately intermingle.


Collage in the interior

A wall art collage in a contemporary style can be combined with other modern artworks: photography, graphics, sculpture, acrylic and oil painted artworks. To keep your home collection from looking too patchy, combine pieces of fine art by style, genre and colour, and tell a story with their help.

A collage adds a spice and boldness to an interior. The universal and the intimate, the real and the abstract collide; sharp social problems are diluted with humour. The subject for contemporary collage artwork can be anything:

  • portrait
  • landscape
  • food
  • fashion
  • space and the future
  • urban vistas
  • documentation of real events

Technically, this type of art is also very diverse; in analogue collage, applications of paper or fabric are complemented by drawings in pencil, ink, watercolour and other materials, as well as three-dimensional objects, which makes it akin to assemblage. Digital collages look extremely effective because there are no limits to the author’s imagination and they create a visual and semantic accent to the interior.


Where to buy a collage online?

The online platform G.ART presents beautiful collage artwork for sale by contemporary artists from Eastern Europe, who showcase the best qualities of this trend. Analogue collages are generally small to medium sized, while digital collage can be made to order and printed, just like other art prints on paper or fabric.

Connoisseurs of this technique can easily order collage paintings in online gallery G.ART. If you have any questions, the gallery’s specialists will offer advice and assistance. Designers can create a visualisation and show how each collage will look in the interior.


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