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Acrylic paints emerged in the 20th century thanks to advancements in chemistry. Artists quickly realized how superior they were compared to other materials such as oil, tempera, and gouache, and the stunning color paintings that could be created with them. Today, nearly a century after the invention of acrylic, its popularity only continues to grow, with a huge number of options available when searching for “buy acrylic paintings online.”

But what exactly is acrylic paint?

Over thousands of years, humans have learned to paint with almost anything – charred pieces of wood, clay, natural ochre, plant sap, crushed minerals mixed with resin, oil, varnish, glue, honey, eggs… Some techniques were very complicated and required skill and patience. And it can be said that the diligence and devotion to art of artists in the 20th century were rewarded with acrylic – a truly modern material that perfectly suited the new dynamic era.

In the 1930s, advancements in polymer synthesis led to the creation of acrylic paints. Initially used for building and machinery, in the 1960s, when water-soluble acrylic was invented, many artists and designers began to work with it, and contemporary beautiful acrylic art painting emerged.

Famous muralist Diego Rivera, one of the pioneers of the new material, used durable and long-lasting acrylic in his huge compositions. Mark Rothko combined several techniques, experimenting with the texture of expressionist abstract acrylic painting. Andy Warhol, it seems, was thrilled with the new material – he painted his legendary soup cans with acrylic.

What are the benefits of acrylics?

They have many undeniable advantages, let’s name the 8 most important ones:

  • Perfect for novice artists
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Water-soluble
  • Suitable for any surface
  • Quick-drying
  • Create a dense surface
  • Wide range of colors
  • Retain their brightness

The main advantage of acrylic paints is perhaps that they are water-soluble, but when they dry, they polymerize and become very strong – the surface of the finished painting will not be washed away by water, unlike a work done with watercolor, pastel or gouache. You don’t even need to cover them with glass, you can exhibit them without a frame. However, there is a disadvantage – you cannot correct a dried work, and you need to tightly close the acrylic tubes.

What can acrylic painting be combined with?

The huge advantage of acrylic paints is that they can be applied to any surface: paper, cardboard, canvas, ceramics, wood, metal, plastic, fabric. Thanks to this, acrylic painting can be combined with painting on ceramics, printing on fabric, and used in interior objects made of wood. When you buy collage artworks, take a closer look, perhaps acrylic was used not only for painting details, but also for photo collages and applications.

Acrylic is also a true chameleon! It can mimic watercolor (if heavily diluted with water and applied with thin layers), or oil paint (if a large brush or palette knife is used to apply thick strokes), but its price is lower than that of oil paints. Techniques can be combined, and therefore painting with acrylic on canvas can be complemented with oil paint, tempera, or gesso. Contemporary acrylic artists mix sand, concrete, and sawdust into acrylic to create original textures and conduct thousands of experiments with this flexible material.

How to buy modern acrylic paintings?

If you want to buy modern Acrylic Drawings, you can buy them online at G.ART platform, which specializes in contemporary Eastern European art. The platform offers a convenient way to purchase artwork remotely and have it delivered to any location worldwide.

The range of subjects in the paintings is broad, including still lifes with flowers and fruits, landscapes (seascapes, sunsets, cities), portraits, and nudes. The stylistic range of acrylic paintings is also limitless – the gallery offers a choice of black or bright surrealist fantasies, abstract motifs, magical realism, Fauvism, modern expressionism paintings, and impressionism art for sale. The large and small acrylic paintings are amazing because G.ART collaborates only with professionals and carefully selects each painting. While they may appear expensive, you can definitely find artworks that fit your budget.

The gallery offers both large and small acrylic paintings that are professionally created and carefully selected. Although they may seem expensive, you can choose artwork that fits your budget.

To purchase a contemporary acrylic painting from G.ART Gallery, simply select the size and color palette you desire. The website includes visualizations of the paintings in an interior setting, allowing you to preview how they will look in your home or office. G.ART also offers certificates of authenticity, secure packaging, and fast delivery services.

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