“I can draw that too!” – people often say about abstract works of art. Colour spots, geometric shapes, splashes of paint – it seems so easy, even a child could do it. And a lot of people wonder, “Why does abstract art cost so much?”

Features and trends of abstract art

Abstractionism, non-figurative or non-objective art, is an art style that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century. It rejected realistic depictions of the world around it. It was a great revelation for artists that a painting that shows nothing real is still full of meaning. The first abstractionists believed that only by eliminating everything superfluous could the universal laws of the universe be told. Soon after, a new movement, invented by Kazimir Malevich, emerged within abstractionism – Suprematism: powerful colour energy, simple geometric forms on a white background, which symbolised infinite space. In the 1940s, many European artists emigrated to the United States and New York became the centre of spontaneous abstract expressionism. The 1960s saw the emergence of Op Art (an extension of geometric abstractionism) in Europe with its amazing optical illusions. The second half of the century also saw the development of minimalist abstraction, informel, post-painterly abstraction, colour field painting and other styles. The 21st century said a new word in abstraction – graffiti and murals decorate urban space, and parametricism is particularly evident in architecture, sculpture and design.

Famous abstract artists: yesterday & now

The official founder of abstractionism is considered to be Wassily Kandinsky, in 1910 he painted the first watercolour in the new style. However, let’s not forget that long before Kandinsky, the Swedish artist Hilma af Klint began creating geometric abstract art pieces. Among the most famous abstractionist artists of the “first generation” are: Kazimir Malevich, Alexander Archipenko, El Lissitzky, Piet Mondrian, František Kupka, Arthur Dove, Robert and Sonia Delaunay, Paul Klee… Their famous abstract paintings, vintage, are truly priceless. When we say “abstract expressionism” we think of Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. Victor Vasarely was a pioneer of op-art. The tachisme movement was also championed by, for example, Serge Poliakoff and Jean Messagier. Cy Twombly did original drawings which are reminiscent of children’s scribbles – but very expensive! Although today the era of discovery in the abstract style is over, contemporary abstract art is firmly in place. You can also find famous abstract artist of the 21st century with their of Eastern Europe in our online gallery with their famous abstract portraits.

What are abstract artworks today?

The variety of modern abstract art paintings is endless. The artists have turned to all directions and enjoyed total freedom in the choice of materials: abstract canvas oil and acrylic painting, abstract drawings, collage, digital technology and much more. The ideas of abstractionism have been realised not only in the visual arts but also in other spheres: industrial design, urban sculpture and architecture. Non-figurative art has stood the test of time. It turned out that it was possible to say a lot with sometimes very stingy expressive means – for example, to write in white on white and discover great meanings in the process. If you decided to find an original abstract paintings for sale, our website is the best place to do it.

Abstract artworks in Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, abstract art fell on hard times in the second half of the last century. In the Soviet Union it was forbidden and abstractionists worked in secret. But today, non-figurative art is as developed in the region as it is in other countries. The famous Russian artist Vlad Kulkov, for example, creates works in the style of abstract expressionism for sale. Ukrainian Tiberiy Szilvashi has developed a philosophy of local pure colour. Non-figurative works are by members of the creative association “Nemiga-17” from Belarus. Anita Meldere is one of Latvia’s leading abstract artists. Lyrical abstraction is the style of Polish artist Zdzisław Majrowski-Meyro… All Eastern European countries contribute to the development of contemporary abstract art.

Abstractionism artworks on G.ART

Online art platform G.ART presents original abstract artwork from Eastern Europe. Contemporary abstract painting for sale is eclectic, easily crosses stylistic boundaries and often does not abandon objectivity altogether. Let’s distinguish some directions and genres from the collection of G.ART.

  • Landscape (Ganna Gidora, Andriiy Bludov, Ganna Kryvolap, Serhiy Savchenko, Elitsa * Baramova – Baramó)
  • Still Life (Anton Kovach)
  • Portrait (Anna Kostrytska, Pavlo Yarmolyk)
  • Botanical Motifs (Danko Merin, Mirjana Marsenic Vujovic)
  • Abstract expressionism (Petro Lebedynets, Vaso Nikčević, Leila Shelia)
  • Geometric abstraction (Bagrat Arazyan)

How to choose abstract artwork on G.ART Gallery platform?

Abstract or non-figurative works of art are very popular and can be found in every interior. Choosing an original abstact paintings for sale is not as difficult as it seems. As abstraction appeals directly to intuition, imagination, sense of colour and rhythm, the best advice is to trust your feelings. Choose a style and gamma that you like. But the technical features of the work are also important: the material, horizontal or vertical orientation, and size (there are small and large abstract works in the gallery). If you want to place the work in a specific place in the interior, you should first take measurements. The experts at the G.ART platform are always on hand to advise you on all your abstract art purchases.

How to buy online abstract artwork on G.ART Gallery?

If you are looking for an abstract paintings for sale – G.ART is continuously expanding its collection of artworks and does its best to make the buying process fast and convenient:

  • has a large selection of modern abstract artwork for sale
  • guarantees high quality works
  • works directly with artists
  • conducts a flexible pricing policy
  • advises the buyer in the process of ordering
  • sends works as soon as possible after purchase

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