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Meeting with Incze Mózes, hungarian artist from Romania

Meeting the artist Incze Mózes was one of the highlights of the G.ART Gallery visit to Hungary. He is a renowned contemporary artist, an inventive and witty surrealist with a penchant for impressionistic effects. In June, Incze participated in the exhibition Kiút / Exit at Pintér Galéria, dedicated to an artistic reflection on the challenges facing humanity today. This exhibition is the reason we got to know each other.

Incze Mózes was born in 1975 in Transylvania, Romania, and studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Studying at this university, the artist says, taught him a lot about art, as Incze’s early professional school in his homeland was based on a classical foundation. And the world was changing, at the turn of the 1990s Hungary became free of “socialism” and its art began to absorb current international trends. Incze experimented, explored new techniques, and searched for himself, his own style. In 1997, he co-founded the Élesd Artist Colony, which brought together young artists.
At one point, Incze admits, he went through a creative crisis. An awareness grew inside that for the birth of something individual and unique, he needed to reconsider everything already created. This is when Incze Mózes, now recognizable even from a single work, was born. The productive tension between serious classical painting, the firmness of the foundations of creation, and a reality that is changeable, dynamic and shifting, is an apt description of the artist’s style.

painting by Incze Mózes

There is no relaxation or coziness in his works. Quite the contrary – Incze constantly “invigorates” the viewer by making reality appear absurd with the slightest movement. He dissects reality around him, pulls it apart, and then assembles a new surreal world with different characteristics from its fragments. He tries to find those parts of reality that are invisible to the common eye, to create new relationships between the parts of the Universe.

painting by Incze Mózes

Incze Mózes’ paintings-associations are born from silence, country life, music, from reflection. He explores the depths of culture, the mythological “library” created by humanity, and makes his original symbolic mix. His art is both international and rooted in the place on the map of Central Europe where he was born and lives.
In the last two years, when a pandemic has tested humanity, the artist-philosopher Incze Mózes certainly reflects on how human individuality exists in this strange new world, with its limitations, forced isolation, and notorious masks that hide faces. It is to be hoped that these metamorphoses will be made sense of in his new works.