Margarita Kerimova-Sokolova
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Contemporary Artist Margarita Kerimova-Sokolova

The Azerbaijani artist Margarita Kerimova-Sokolova believes that the most important things for a creative person are Faith, Love, Beauty, Play and Mystery. She moves freely between figurative and abstract art, and says that Baron Munchausen – the great dreamer and optimist – should have been her ancestor.

Margarita Kerimova has received an excellent academic education as a graphic artist and painter, and has made a successful creative career. Today she is a teacher, a theorist, the emissary of Azerbaijani art in Europe, the winner of a huge number of awards and titles. Margarita has recently added to this scope of titles by becoming a member of the World’s Academy of Arts “New Era”.

Margarita’s works are held in art collections in Azerbaijan, Russia, USA, Europe, including the galleries of Thyssen Krupp Corporation and Lukas Farben (Germany).

In her works various traditions are harmonically united, she took perceived optimism and bright colors from her native East, and a wealth of meaning, freedom and diversity of techniques from European painting tradition.

Ancient and eternally young Baku, enigmatic beauty Venice, old cosy Europe come to life on the canvases. Margarita perfectly feels nature: lush greenery, graphic trees against the backdrop of the sky, soft plasticity of flowers and fruits in still lifes. With great attention to human individuality she creates portraits that burn with inner light.

And, of course, Margarita is a master of abstraction. Her non-figurative painting is full of movement and passion, it seems to be a scattering of precious stones, it holds music within.

The artist has a keen sense of the underlying logic of the image, she sees geometric elements that build the world around her. Any subject – a person, a flower, a landscape, a shell – can become an impulse to create an abstract image, and vice versa. The main thing in creativity is to get an impression, to feel an impetus.

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