hardened the ukrainian phenomenon the opening of an exhibition of ukrainian female artists in berlin
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“Hardened. The Ukrainian Phenomenon”: The opening of an exhibition of Ukrainian female artists in Berlin

On the anniversary of the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, our online art platform G.ART Gallery will launch a travelling exhibition of Ukrainian artists in Berlin’s legendary Café Moskau – which will be transformed into Café Kyiv. 


The venue for the “Hardened. The Ukrainian Phenomenon” is Berlin’s famous Café Moskau on Karl-Marx-Allee. A monument to the post-war era and a symbol of friendship between the GDR and the USSR, the café was opened in 1964. With Russia waging a destructive war in Europe, the past is well forgotten today. The name of the historic building, which after reconstruction is now a private German-American event venue, cannot be officially changed – but it can be symbolically changed! So, meet in the centre of Berlin!


On 27 February, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation will host a conference on this location dedicated to Ukraine. “Café Kyiv – We Choose Freedom”. Throughout the day there will be discussions and expert talks about the Ukrainian present and future in the European family, about society, freedom and the reconstruction of Ukraine.  There will be exhibitions and workshops introducing Ukrainian culture and art. G.ART Gallery is honoured to participate in this project with the exhibition “Hardened. The Ukrainian Phenomenon”. More than 1,500 people are expected to visit Café Kyiv. 

The visitors will see the works of 11 famous contemporary Ukrainian artists: painting, graphics, sculpture, street art, video and digital art. War disasters and farewell to a loved one, darkened cities and a dream of a free Crimea, de-occupation celebration and scarlet flowers of Ukrainian folk embroidery, amulet dolls on the walls of houses and the ancient power of the generous Ukrainian land… The project explores the phenomenon of Ukrainian women – strong, stubborn, independent, caring, tender, loving, and cheerful – through visual art. There is a lot of love and belief in the works of Ukrainian artists. Love for their beautiful motherland and belief that Ukraine will win.

Our online art platform G.ART Gallery presents contemporary art from 23 Eastern European countries on the international market. Our aim is to make art from these countries available for purchase worldwide. Our mission is to promote established and emerging talented artists.

Read more about the project “Café Kyiv – We Choose Freedom” https://cafekyiv.kas.de/

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