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“Hardened. The Ukrainian Phenomenon”: The opening of an exhibition of Ukrainian female artists in Berlin

On 24 February, the anniversary of the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, our online art platform G.ART Gallery is opening a big travelling exhibition project in Berlin “Hardened. The Ukrainian Phenomenon”, dedicated to the Ukrainian woman.

The main theme of the exhibition project was Ukrainian womenfolk as a historical and cultural phenomenon. This country, which has been at the crossroads of geopolitical interests of different states for thousands of years, has developed a special female character.

Ukrainian women have always stood by their husbands and sons in joy and adversity. They endured all the hardships of the 20th century: the First and Second World Wars, the Civil War, followed by the “red” occupation of Ukraine, the mass famine of 1932-1933, Stalin’s repressions, the hardships of the Soviet era, and then the poverty of the 1990s. The shock of the 21st century, Putin’s Russia’s attack on Ukraine, is very terrible for women, the protector of the home and the family. But the Ukrainian woman – kind and determined, generous and thrifty, gentle and strong – is hardened by adversity and withstands the challenge with dignity.

In the project “Hardened. The Ukrainian Phenomenon’ 11 well-known and talented female artists present works in different styles and materials: painting, graphics, sculpture, street-art, video and digital-art. Each work is an individual female perspective, filled with pain and love. And all together they create a socio-cultural context of the phenomenon of Ukrainian womenfolk – from ancient times, when the Ukrainian nation was just emerging on this generous land, to the present day, when the old enemy again destroys homes and lives, when mothers, wives and sisters stay awake from anxiety, when Ukrainian women defend their homeland.

Berlin is one of the capitals of contemporary art. Our G.ART Gallery is confident that Ukrainian women’s contemporary art in Berlin will make a strong and distinctive statement. The project “Hardened. The Ukrainian phenomenon” is a panorama of contemporary female art of the talented country and simultaneously a possibility to help the artists to buy Ukrainian art. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Charitable Foundation “Citizen” for prosthetics for Ukrainian soldiers.

G.ART Gallery represents contemporary art from 23 Eastern European countries on the international market. We have a close professional, friendly and family relationship with Ukraine. Therefore, at this difficult time for the country, we feel it is very important to present its art and support those who have been affected by war. We continue to support Ukraine and believe in its victory.

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