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“Hardened. The Ukrainian Phenomenon”: a cultural front in Vogue

Vogue reviewed the exhibition “Hardened. The Ukrainian Phenomenon”, which G.ART Gallery presented at Café Kyiv (former Cafe Moskau) in Berlin.

hardened the ukrainian phenomenon a cultural front in vogue
“Cafe Kyiv” Berlin
Dzhemma grebenko cofounder of gart gallery
Dzhemma Grebenko co-founder of G.ART Gallery

Vogue, the world-famous fashion and lifestyle magazine, is already 130 years old. During that time, it has reflected the events of a significant period in history, both joyful and challenging – and how could it be otherwise, as culture and the fashion industry in particular are extremely sensitive to social upheaval. Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has also left its mark on the magazine’s publications. Of course, it is still fascinating and vibrant, still about beauty and culture – but also about how strong beauty can be and how culture fights for freedom.

print katya lisova path through the dark
Print by Katya Lisova “Path Through the Dark”
Painting Oksana Chepelyk Post Human IV
Painting by Oksana Chepelyk “Post Human IV”

Vogue’s publications feature contemporary Ukrainian fine art, which has made a strong name for itself in the past year. Ukrainian artists are exhibiting all over the world, and Vogue tells its readers about this “cultural front”.

The exhibition “Hardened. The Ukrainian Phenomenon”, which G.ART opened on 27 February, was undoubtedly a significant “cultural front” event. The famous Café Moskau in Berlin, symbolically renamed as part of the ‘Café Kyiv – We Choose Freedom’ campaign organized by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) and partners, was transformed into a real Ukrainian home, and the exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian artists became its aesthetic center.

Paintin Olexandra Fedoruk Flowers of War
Paintin by Olexandra Fedoruk “Flowers of War”
Sculpture Sestry Feldman Morning Amulet
Sculpture by Sestry Feldman “Morning Amulet”

Through works of art and personal stories of female artists, it tells the story of the phenomenon of the Ukrainian female character, tempered by the country’s history. How can a story of thousands of years be contained in one exhibition? “The exhibition focuses on the major historical landmarks, crystallizing the portrait of the unbroken Ukrainian woman,” says Vogue, describing the internal chronology of the exhibition – the references to ancient history in Zinaida Vasina’s works, the link between tradition and modernity in Katya Lisova’s collages, and the tragic events of 2022: forced evacuation, confusion, “farewell” flowers, destruction of residential buildings and cultural objects, plunged cities in darkness (works by Yana Gudzan, Polina Kuznetsova, Ganna Krivolap, Maria Kulikovskaya, Oksana Chepelik). And finally, a final triumphant note – the celebration of de-occupation in a painting by Olga Bereziuk, the day of victory over black evil, which is already close at hand.

Read the article in Vogue here.

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