Give a dream : Top 10 paintings from G.ART Gallery for Christmas
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Give a dream : Top 10 paintings from G.ART Gallery for Christmas

Christmas 2022 is coming. It has not been an easy year. However, you want to think of only good things at Christmas and give love to the people closest to you. And by the way, what exactly to give to parents, friends, colleagues on Christmas Day?

Every year the same question arises and crowds of confused people fill the shops, looking for Christmas gifts on the internet. But here’s the thing: no matter what we give, no matter what we make up, we first of all give a DREAM. A dream of beauty, comfort, prosperity and the hope that next year will be better than the last.

Art gift seems like a great idea! A piece of art is a magical thing. The artist puts a piece of their culture and their own thoughts into it. Paintings, sculptures and photographs with deep meaning, chosen by style and colour to match the interior, will decorate the living space and will be a lasting memory of this Christmas celebration. 

G.ART Gallery has found works in the collection that make you happy and give you a Dream. These are gallery level works, created by professional artists from Eastern Europe, high quality and spectacular, but relatively low priced. Any work would make a great gift for Christmas. 

1. «Tree», Ganna Kryvolap (Ukraine)

The tree, with its roots in the ground and branches in the sky, is one of the oldest symbols of the universe, the annual rebirth, the power of the ancestors and the unity of the family. It is the axis of the world, its pillar, the Tree of Life. In many cultures different tree species were considered magical, while Hellenes, for instance, believed that the trunks and crowns were home to the Dryads, small deities. Stylised images of trees are often found on ancient pottery and in ancient folk embroidery. Ganna Kryvolap saw in this spring flowering tree a thousand-year-old mosaic of Ukrainian temples, a heritage of Byzantium, a symbol of the resilience and longevity of culture.

2. «The girl from Ipanema», Ramina Saadatkhan (Azerbaijan)

Ipanema is a district in Rio de Janeiro and a famous beach. In this picture, it’s as if Brazilian music is being played. A graceful girl with skin the colour of hot gold is surrounded by large tropical flowers and salty sea air, with an obedient snake curled on her arm like an ancient goddess. This picture is about a dream – about endless summer, about cheerful music over beautiful Rio, about sea waves running across the ocean to crash at the feet of a Brazilian beauty. Deep down, we know that even an earthly paradise has a downside (and Ramina raises serious themes of gender equality and emotional and sexual freedom in her paintings), but how we want to believe in an eternal holiday!

3. «Far Side of the Moon», Dima Kashtalyan (Belarus)

Dima is a virtuoso graphic artist and a great dreamer. He creates new worlds in which it seems as if many things are familiar, but there is always mystery and humour. The back side of the Moon was only revealed to earthlings in 1959, thanks to photographs. And before that, the human imagination had not “settled” on the Moon for thousands of years! According to Kashtalyan, the other side of the Earth’s satellite is a world of goodness and fairy tale. Different animals live there in complete harmony, resembling at the same time a mythological labyrinth and Escher’s endless staircase. Foxes drink tea from the samovar, bears eat cake, hippos giggle and birds wear imperial crowns. It’s even a shame that the mystery of the moon has been solved by scientists. But there are still so many mysteries in Space! And we think with bated breath of new discoveries.

4. «A dreamy city», Algis Griskevicius (Lithuania)

The dreamy persons – you must have met them. They are constantly dreaming about things and are a bit disconnected from reality. And what is a dreamy city? It’s very interesting to imagine this city invented by Algis Griskevicius. It seems to have fallen out of time, lost in space. There is subdued light and a still river. We do not know its history, we do not know who lives there, whether there are dogs and cats, whether music can be heard or a train whistle. Maybe it’s a city from our dreams, a place where we want to come one day and stay forever.

5. «Song for sailor», Alexander Levich (Ukraine)

One of the first associations with the word ‘dream’ is that of a lighthouse. These slender giants have stood at the boundary between the two elements, land and water, since ancient times. For sailors they show the way and warn of rocks and shoals, while the men of dry land call out on an endless journey, to new lands – perhaps to Rio de Janeiro, where a beautiful dark-haired girl dances and sings? The lighthouse’s light cuts through the night, the storm, the fear, as if to say, ‘All hardships end someday, but the warmth of the fire never does. As long as that little dot burns, you won’t be alone in the big world.”

6. «Light seller 2», Olga Berezyuk (Belarus)

Winter landscape – a road through a snow-covered forest, trees in hoarfrost and a strange man with an old-timey organ-grinder waiting for passers-by… Who can walk there on a frosty night under the ringing stars, you may ask? Will the odd man out wait for someone? In surrealistic paintings on canvas by Olga Berezyuk, anything is possible! Not a real forest road, but an imaginary path of the soul. Not a prickly frost, but that fairy-tale state that winter brings, shining with millions of snowflakes. Not a geezer, but a wizard who knows just what kind of miracle to create just for you. See the lantern on his hat? It lights the way for all those lost in the daily grind, and turns sadness into joy.

7. «Night in Berlin 2», Anastasiia Krutota (Ukraine)

There’s probably no one who doesn’t love to walk around the evening city, look at the glowing windows and fantasise about the life behind those bright rectangles. Do they love each other? Do they sorrow or rejoice, do they listen to music in the evenings, do they entertain guests? For lonely (yet) passers-by, every window is a hope that all will be well: love will come, a family will sit down to dinner under a warm lamp, favourite music will play, a kind dog will lay its head on the lap…   

8. «Midnight man», Stojan Milanov (Serbia)

Speaking of music! It’s weightless and omnipresent, appearing out of nowhere – sheer magic. As soon as the first notes begin to sound, the listener is whisked away into a world of fantasy. Hot jazz, woven out of Afro and Latin rhythms, takes over the world and is the deity of twentieth-century music. It sailed the oceans on white liners, rocked the restaurants of New York, London and Paris, sounded on movie screens, made people smile and cry. This picture of a grey-haired saxophonist is not silent – it’s as if it splashes notes in all directions that will fill the house with sparkling jazz.

9. «Carnival 2», Levon Aslanyan (Armenia)

Masks and make-up, amazing outfits, vivid colours – this is theatre seen by an Armenian artist. A theatre that was born in the tragedies and comedies of ancient Greece and still draws full halls of admirers. Is it deceptive, is it just an illusion? Oh no, as Julia Lambert, the heroine of the novel ‘Theatre’ by William Somerset Maugham argued, theatre and acting are the only reality. When the curtain opens, our hearts sank expecting a miracle, we forget our worries and work for a couple of hours, because we are plunged into the wonderful world created by the director, the set designer and the actors. A real world!

10. «Worship», Anar Huseynzada (Azerbaijan)

We are all different, from different cultures, religions and generations. But on Christmas Eve, when bright candles shine in houses and temples, and the first star in the sky lights up, we look forward to tomorrow with hope. Maybe indeed at this long-awaited moment of Mystical Nativity miracles happen, angels’ wings rustle softly (or is it just snow falling?), hearts open and resentments are forgotten. Hope is our earthly compass, dream is our eternal call, and art is our eternally shining beacon of beauty in this strange world in the middle of an endless cosmos.

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