Ganna Kryvolap
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Contemporary Painter Ganna Kryvolap

Works by one of the most successful Ukrainian artists Ganna Kryvolap is a force of colour. With her generous hand she throws over the canvas lake color and ultramarine, strontium, fuxia, cerulean. Her figurative-abstract works are recognizable from the first glance due to their colour palette and manner of execution.

Since her childhood, Ganna Kryvolap has been at the very heart of the artistic life of Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine. She had great teachers and a creative environment, it seems she could not help becoming an artist. Ganna has been working in the exhibition business for the last 30 years, she successfully represents Ukrainian art abroad, her works are kept in state and private collections of Germany, Austria (MOYA), Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Canada, USA. Today Hanna is definitely on the top of her creative game, she is an original professional with a bright manner, who is ready for experiments.

In Ganna’s paintings, the first flabbergasting impression on the viewers is made by colours. Effect of the powerful colour wave seems to be felt physically, like warmth, like major chords. In Ganna’s creative manner the influences of fauvism, expressionism, abstract art, folk and sacral art of Ukraine can be found. Ganna Kryvolap phenomenon is created out of a bold synthesis of ideas and approaches. Her painting style cannot be attributed in a pure form neither to figurative art nor to abstraction, in each case the artist approaches one or another extreme. The artist works series by series. The creation of every next series is inspired by seemingly simple things: wells, blooming trees or autumn leaves, multi-coloured strings, mosaics of Kyiv cathedrals. Especially brightly, her stylistics are shown in the series of cityscapes, particularly Kyiv city-scapes. Kyiv in the last decades was depicted by multiple artists, but nobody depicted it so decoratively, built out of strokes-squares and simultaneously vibrant, majestic, shining from within. Ganna respects archaics, those archetypes that are in the bases of human memory. She is open to intuition, emotions, even mythical feelings. Maybe that is why her pictures burning with colour influence the viewer, create specific psychic states and lead into the depth of imagination.

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