Great East European art collection from our curators for your business
We assist you with ART BUYING & ART LEASING
We find for you site-specific artworks & create collections. They will:
→ bring focus to the space
→ underline the style of the company
→ reinforce the brand
→ and communicate the company's values to your clients & employees
We provide
→ consulting services from start to finish
→ selecting artworks of contemporary art
→ price and quality analysis
→ delivery
→ installation and lighting
→ insurance
Your benefits from buying or leasing the artworks
→ discounts
→ flexible leasing terms
→ free shipping and returns
→ possibility of rotating artworks every six months
→ tax benefits
We work for various businesses
→ interior designers and architects
→ corporate offices
→ event designers
→ hospitality
→ restaurants
→ health facilities
→ residential

Contemporary Art from East of the West for your Business.

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Artworks from 24 countries.
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