FAQ for Buyers

What is the concept of G.ART?
The online platform G.ART connects the art from East of the West and its admirers. For a certain time, the works of the many talented artists from those 24 countries and their rich creative potential, which is influenced by their special cultural history were little known outside the region.  G.ART gives an opportunity to experience and acquire unique artworks from this part of the world.

What kind of artworks do G.ART exhibit? 
G.ART exhibits paintings, drawings, photography and sculptures from top galleries as well as directly from established and emerging artists. Artworks of many of our artists were part of exhibitions and can be found in museums and collections.

How do you select the artworks?
Each artist and every artwork we offer have been carefully chosen by the G.ART experts based on longstanding knowledge of and connections into east European art markets.

Do I get the certificate of authenticity?
Every artwork is original and comes with a certificate of authenticity that proves its provenance.

Whom can I contact if I have further questions about the artwork and which language should I use to communicate?
You can send our team your questions per application form on our platform or per email: contact@gart.gallery Use your favorite language to communicate. You will receive the response within a day.

What are the advantages and the benefits of buying art online?
Firstly, by buying art on the internet you can choose from a wide variety of artworks and artistic styles. It is easier to compare works and prices to make the right decision. The price for every piece of art on our platform is displayed and transparent.

Can I negotiate the prices of the artworks on the G.ART platform?
Yes, you can. In order to do it, use the button “Make an offer” to propose a price that suits you. We will get in dialogue with the artist or gallery to negotiate the best price in your favor. You will be notified by email whether your proposal is accepted or refused.

What forms of payment can I use?
You have a choice from different payment methods. It depends on your country.

Where do you ship?
Our logistic partners ship the art to where you live.  All artworks are insured for transport.

How long is the artwork shipped?
As soon as we receive the purchase price for the artwork, it will be shipped to you.  The time of delivery will depend on the country where you live. The artwork is usually shipped within seven to ten business days.

Who pays for the shipping? 
The shipping costs are included in the price and paid for by G.ART.
The buyer pays the customs charges. The amount depends on the customs duties applicable in the country of delivery and the price of the artwork.

Can I return the artwork if it does not meet my expectations?
You can return the artwork within 14 days of receipt. If you decide not to keep it, please send the piece back in its original packaging and contact us. As soon as the artist or gallery receives it and confirms the good condition of the work we will refund the full purchase price. The price for damaged artwork will not be refunded.

If the delivered artwork was damaged what should I do?
First, please take photos of all the packaging material and the damaged artwork.
Then contact us within 24 hours by email or call. We will solve this issue together.

When the artwork is unframed, can I order a frame for the work?
Yes! We can provide the framing for your piece. Please contact us. We can suggest different frames and prices.

I am interested in artworks for the office. Where do I begin?
If you want to design your workspace with art we would be happy to accompany and consult you. Together with you our art experts find for you site-specific artworks and create collections. Let us assist you  contact@gart.gallery

Can I commission an artwork?
Absolutely. G.ART guides you through the entire process from selecting an artist to selecting a piece of art that suits your home or business. Please book a private consultation | contact@gart.gallery .