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Exhibition Transit: Kyiv – Berlin – Europa-Center

Exhibition Transit: Kyiv-Berlin-Europa Center – Vernissage on April 26th at 7:00 pm at Europa-Center Berlin.

The exhibition showcases paintings by established and emerging artists from both Berlin and Ukraine. It follows the current exhibition “Hardened. The Ukrainian Phenomenon” by the art platform G.ART Gallery, made possible by the collaboration between the art platform and the foundation AusserGewöhnlich Berlin. The foundation’s education platform, 17ACADEMY, teaches sustainable networking. In 2023, 17ACADEMY linked Berlin-based start-ups (including G.ART Gallery) with creative Ukrainians who had to leave their country due to the Russian war against Ukraine. The Global Networker Course from 17ACADEMY has helped their successful integration into German society and culture by teaching them how to create and maintain contacts, unite by interests, and find people to realize new projects together. G.ART Gallery has become a successful model for integrating young Ukrainian artists into a new environment.

Co-founder of G.ART Gallery, Dzhemma Grebenko, stated: “While organizing and holding our exhibition, I met a lot of Berliners. The contacts and interactions between me and the members of the group who got together on the Global Networker Course resulted in a joint event, which is a successful networking outcome between the participants of the 17ACADEMY course and the Berliners.” The group invited Berlin artists to a joint exhibition, with artists selected by G.ART Gallery and Galerie SLP by Sara Lily Perez. Other course participants helped organize the event and put their knowledge into practice.

Ukraine will be represented by the works of Petro Smetana, Taras Haida, Dima Kashtalyan, and Sergiy Savchenko. In May, their works will be showcased in an exhibition at the Ukrainian Embassy in Berlin, followed by a charity auction for Ukraine at the Museum Berlin-Karlshorst.

The vernissage of the exhibition Transit: Kyiv-Berlin-Europa Center will be held on April 26th.

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