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Budget 1000 euros: art piece at a reasonable price

Don’t believe that the work of good artists is expensive. Online art platform G.ART Gallery demystifies this myth. The platform has collected for you beautiful works of contemporary famous and emerging artists from Eastern Europe. You will find many paintings that are worthy of the finest collections at affordable prices. The company has a flexible pricing policy. They work individually with each artist. 

The G.ART Gallery offers paintings, collages, graphics and objects up to a price of 1,000 euros, which will decorate your interior and become a beautiful part of your collection.

200 euro. «Vicious moon», Katya Syta, (Ukraine)

IMG 2425 scaled 1

«Vicious moon», Katya Syta

Collage is both an art and a game, and also an adventure, because the author himself doesn’t know what the end result will be when all the pieces are put together. Katya Syta is so passionate about collage that she has created a community of artists and organises festivals and exhibitions. She calls her works from pieces of fabric, photographs and magazine clippings “emotional and philosophical collages”. For example, this work with its spicy, succulent erotic motifs is built around Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres’ famous painting “Turkish Bath”. It will delight fans of the postmodernist game.  

250 euro. «Corona time», Margarita Kerimova-Sokolova (Azerbaijan)

«Corona time», Margarita Kerimova-Sokolova

Margarita is a very talented abstractionist, able to express much through non-figurative painting. Her series “Corona time”, made in mixed media on paper, is dedicated to the emotional state of a person facing new challenges in the world around them. There is no fear in them, but rather a great curiosity and transparency. Such vibrant, dynamic abstracts would look great in a contemporary interior.

300 euro. «4 Wild Flowers», Mariia Bykova (Ukraine)

«4 Wild Flowers», Mariia Bykova

Botanical illustration is a very popular genre of art that combines scientific accuracy, love of nature and subtle execution by means of graphics and painting. It emerged at the same time as the birth of botany, when naturalists carefully sketched every leaf, stamens and pistils, and fruit. But even today, when photography is available to everyone, botanical drawings are not a thing of the past. Mariia Bykova masterfully depicts humble field and garden plants, and is particularly fond of Sweet Pea Flowers.

300 euro. «The bridge», Anastasiia Krutota (Ukraine)

60x40 or bigger 1

«The bridge», Anastasiia Krutota

All people look at the same objects, but only very few see something completely surprising in the familiar. Anastasiia’s camera transformed a bridge of steel and concrete into a giant shellfish living in the warm waters of the prehistoric ocean. It is a creature of perfect beauty. The fluted parabolas of its shell reflect in the calm water, creating the illusion of endless movement. Millions of people have walked past the bridge, but only the photographer stopped, fascinated by the geometry and the play of light, and found the perfect angle. Modern photography is truly endless experimentation and complete freedom of expression. Every year it becomes more and more assertive in private and public interiors and competes with other forms of art.

320 euro. «Wildflowers in a vase 5», Danko Merin (Croatia)

Wildflowers in a vase 5 1

«Wildflowers in a vase 5», Danko Merin

It would seem that flowers are easy to paint – they don’t get tired of posing and aren’t capricious like people. But the artist has an important task – to show the individuality of each plant, to find a means of representation for each. Danko in his shining watercolours out of seeming chaos of broad strokes and free fillings of paint, captures, like a passerby’s face from the crowd, the “faces” of flowers. These delicate and optimistic watercolours can decorate a child’s room or a bright living room.

600 euro. «Waiting for vacation», Dima Kashtalyan (Belarus)


«Waiting for vacation», Dima Kashtalyan

What do you associate with the word “vacation”? The sea and the beach, an exciting journey, the cool streets of southern cities? The characters in Dima’s ironic graphics are ready for any adventure! Funny characters, neither human nor animal, ride… a heron horse, armed with an inflatable lap, a cocktail, a camera, a beach umbrella and a panama hat. It seems that one long jump of this strange horse and the company will be on the shore of the ocean at the water’s edge. The artist’s imagination is inexhaustible, the graphic technique skilful, and the viewer only has to dream together with the characters about the funniest and craziest holiday in life.

800 euro. «Angel 01», Eduard Belsky (Slovenia)

angel 01 scaled 1

«Angel 01», Eduard Belsky

A pervasive character in Eduard’s work is the woman in various hypostases, often having the essence of an angel or a madonna. There is tenderness and sadness, warmth and dreaminess in these delicate portraits, rendered in an impressionistic manner. And there is a great deal of love. It is amazing how the artist manages not to repeat himself in new paintings, to find new shades? He has created a whole gallery of portraits of women in which everyone can find an image to their liking.

800 euro. «Ent», Olga Berezyuk (Belarus)

ENT Замена

«Ent», Olga Berezyuk

Ents, characters from the John Tolkien novels, everyone remembers. The ancient giants, one of the peoples of Middle-earth, are indistinguishable from trees in their calm state. They live long and peaceful lives, rising above the petty passions of other peoples. But the infernal evil that has awakened in Mordor has forced even the Ents to rise up and bring forth a mighty army to defend their homeland. Olga’s works are truly magical, in each of them reality (for example, a tree in the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains that guards the sleep of a small village like the one in this picture) is inextricably linked to fantasies and dreams. Most importantly, her works are always filled with light and kindness and it’s a pleasure to interact with them, soaking up the warm energy.

900 euro. «Music of the sea», Stanislav Sugintas (Lithuania)

music of the sea

«Music of the sea», Stanislav Sugintas

Stanislav works in the rare genre of pictorial fantasy, his paintings are a triumphant beauty. In Stanislav’s world, there is no room for routine, fatigue and sadness. The women here are perfect, the landscapes delightful and the flowers have an unearthly fragrance. Each work tells a fascinating story, and each one you want to share with your nearest and dearest – may they be happy.

1000 euro. «Shape X», Valdeta Vuciterna (Kosovo)

shape x scaled 1

«Shape X», Valdeta Vuciterna

Clothes are beautiful and ugly, loved and unloved, fashionable and long-overdue… There seem to be too many clothes on the planet and they are thrown away, but Valdeta, on the contrary, collects them. She breaks out of the mundane, utilitarian context of shirts, scarves and dresses, and creates unique images of things to wear, as well as unconventional prints. Each Valdeta work tells not only about a particular piece, but also a little about the people who made and wore it, and about a time that manifests itself through the material world. And each work is a mesmerising geometric trick of transforming a three-dimensional object of complex shape into a two-dimensional print.

1000 euro. «Autumn motives», Diana Aliyeva (Azerbaijan) 

autumn motives scaled 1

«Autumn motives», Diana Aliyeva

The layer of colour on Diana’s paintings is thick and voluminous; it seems to move and shiver a little – perhaps the hot, sea-salt-soaked air over Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, trembles. It smells of fresh bread, the sweet juice of pomegranates and the scent of autumn roses – and in each work of the artist you can catch these smells, hear the magical sound that makes the blue sky press against the carpet of ancient land woven from millions of threads. Diana’s paintings seem to embody the joy and fullness of life, they invite you to be happy, to feel boldly and fervently, to love and enjoy every minute.  

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