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Zinaida Vasina is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, a theater artist, graphic artist,
ethnographer. Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Faculty of Theatre
and Decorative Arts, under the guidance of professors M. Dukhnovskyi, D. Lider, S. Podervyanskyi, D.
Sokolov. The artist’s work is related to the study of Ukrainian cultural heritage. Scientific interests:
ethnomusicology. Zinaida Vasina’s creative portfolio is quite diverse in terms of genres. As a production
designer, she has worked for Ukrainian television, the National Opera of Ukraine, the Children’s Music
Theatre, the V. Vronsky Classical Ballet Theatre, and a private theater. Her costumes are worn by
creative teams of leading Ukrainian ensembles, including the Verevka Choir, the Cherkasy Folk Choir,
the Kalyna Dance Ensemble, the Kyiv Frescoes Chamber Choir, the Variety and Circus School, the Kobza
Vocal and Circus Ensemble, and others. She was a leading artist of Ukrconcert. As a graphic artist, Z.
Vasina created a series of Ukrainian ethnic postcards, illustrated almost all ethnographic publications of
the Rylsky Institute of Fine Arts, the first independent Ukrainian alphabet “Motherboard”, and children’s
books. She is the author of the two-volume publication “Ukrainian Chronicle of Dress” and the
encyclopedic publication “Evolution of Ukrainian Dress, Pages from History.” By reconstructing the
dress of the population of ancient cultures on the territory of Ukraine, she proved the stability of the
system of folk beliefs and traditions over the millennia as a kind of cultural foundation of Ukrainian
ethnic culture. As a painter, she had a number of exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad:

Personal exhibitions:

2015 – “Imagination”, Preporod Gallery, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2017 – “The Wonderland of Trypillia”, Museum of Ethnography and Artistic Crafts, Lviv, Ukraine

Group exhibitions:

2022-, “From Trypillia to the Present”, Kyiv.
2023- “Hardened. Ukrainian Phenomenon”, Berlin, online art platform G.ART Gallery

In 2020, she received a Diploma of the National Rating of 100 Outstanding Women of Kyiv Region.

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