The personal and concrete things we serve in our daily lives are images that I materialize and try to print on paper and extract from it something unique and provocative, always transforming it into something completely different from its origin. I use clothes because they are something that everyone can relate to a personal event of their own, we all wear clothes of some kind, but at the same time some of the clothes I have used are especially for this exhibition, some are quite unfamiliar for my generation. I tried to capture a moment of time and the personality of the people who wore them. It is also easy for any person to imagine their interpretation in clothing, and give the opportunity to personally read the meaning of these works. The first dress I worked on was a shirt that accidentally fell into my hands, but to me it was unfamiliar. as much as I had to take home. I thought someone wore it, loved and cared for it, the ticket was so redeemed that it was illegible. I imagined someone else looking at that shirt, and imagining a story quite different from the times, and that gave me more incentive to take it and transform it into a work of art. Now I keep seeing more and more outfits and imagining more and more stories behind it. But motive and medium are not the last words in my graphics, because it also matters the sensitivity to the material on one side and the form of how it is presented graphically on the other side, trying to bring the graphics into the aesthetic frames of a contemporary graphic. My work refers to my life and movement in the environment where I move and consume. Consumption of clothing, in particular, has always provoked me to evolve the symbolism of life, wedding, and in general our indigenous way of life but that does not constitute in itself any political or historical message.


Master of graphics


2000,200 /2004.November Salon,Prishtina.

2000 /2004,The day of Prishtina,Prishtina.

2003-Exposition Internationale"Nouvells tendencies des Artistes du Kosovo"Paris.

2004- Lessedra World Art Print Annual, Sofia-Bulgaria.

2004-International Mini Print Biennial exhibition,Veles-Macedonia.

2005-Iternacional Biennial of graphics,Varna-Bulgaria.

2005-Lessedra World Art Print Annual,Sofia-Bulgaria.

2006-Academie Europpeene des Art,Genblox-Belgium.

2006-Contemporary Art of Kosovo and Austrian-Prishtina.

2006-Intercontinental Biennial of small Graphices."Inter-Art"AIUD/Romania.

2006-Lessedra World Art Print Annual,Sofia-Bulgaria.

2006-International Biennal of graphics-Masters Mystery Art.Miami-Florida.

2006-Contemporary Art of Kosovo and Austrian-Austria.

2006- National Gallery-Skopje.


2007-International drawing bienniale Melbourn-Australia.

2007-Benalla Art Gallery ,Bridge Street,Victoria, Ausralia.

2007-CZECH-Austrian Biennial of small graphics -Breclav,

2007-Macedonian National Gallery-Skopje.

2007-Lessedra World Art Print Annual,Sofia-Bulgaria.

2007-AFAM "Draudacun"Gostivar-Macedonia.

2007-International Print Biennial-Varna 2007.

2007-4th International Exhibition of Mini Prints Tetovo 2007

2007-Mini Print International of Cadaques-Spain.

2007-Third Saint-Maur International Biennial Engraving-France.

2007-International miniature art exhibit Quebec-Canada.

2007-National Gallery -Skopje.

2008-International drawing bienniale-Prishtina.

2008-The Americas Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Prints.U.S.A.

2008-Intercontinental Biennial of small graphics"Inter-Art"Aiud/Romania.

2008-International miniature art exhibition -Corporatin Augustin-Chenier Ville

2008- Musee de la miniature de Montelimar- France.

2008-Musee d'art contempirian du Chateau de Rivoli-Italy.

2008-Creative woman group Exhibition "We are those who…"Art Gllery-Prishtina.

2008-Minutes of the Jury of the 5th Internatiolnal Biennial of Miniature – Art

Czestochowa 2008-Poland.

2008-The fourth Biennial-International miniature Print Exhibition BIMPE-Island.

2008- 5th. International Print Biennial-Muzeum Stanislava Staszika w Pile i OPK

Gaude Mater Czestochowie.Poland.

2008-Art Galery-KLEDIO-Tirana.

2008-Art Galery-Peja.Kosova.

2008-Naestved International Exhibition of Contemporary Mini Square Prints-Denmark.

2008-Day of Prishtina,"11Qershori"-Prishtina.

2009-15th International Print Biennial-Varna..Bullgaria.


2009- International Print Biennial-China.

2009-7th British International Mini Print Exhibition-London.

2009-Kosovar art in Spain.

2009-Guanlan International Print Biennial-China.

2009-International Printmaking Competition -RHMD-Istambul.

2009-Yozo Hamaguchi 100th Anniversary International Print Competition Musee.Japan.

2009-4th International Drawing Competition – Wrocław 2009.

2009-International drawing bienniale Melbourn-Australia.

2009-International graphic art biennial Split-Croatia.

2009-International graphic triennial-Bitola.Macedonia.

2009-Digital miniprint exhibition Otava-Canada.

2009-4th International Exhibition of Mini Prints Tetovo 2009.

2009- National Gallery-Skopje.Macedonia.


2009.7 th International Exhibition’’ MUSLIM MULLIQI PRIZE.

2009.Din A4 international Drawign Projekt.Malaga-Espanja-(Spain).

2010-International drawing bienniale-Prishtina.

2010-5th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro 2010 -Portugal‏.

2010-6th International Biennial of miniatura Art. Poland.

2010-Lessedra World Art Print Annual,Sofia-Bulgaria.

2010-International drawing bienniale-Skopje.


2010-The 5th Rokycany Biennial in Graphic Arts-Czech Republic.

2010- International Small Engraving Salon Carbunari –Florean Museum.

2010-International biennial of small graphic,R.Inter Art” AIUD/ROMANIA.-Rumania.

2010-.Din A4 international Drawign Projekt.Malaga-Espanja-(Spain).

2011-Guanlan International Print Biennial-China.

2011-Imprint International graphic triennale.W.Poland.

2011 – IconData 2011-The Virtual Museum of Contemporary Graphic Art Cracowa.Poland.

2011- International drawing bienniale Melbourn-Australia.

2011-IconData 2011 – The Virtual Museum of Contemporary Graphic Art..Poland.

2012-5th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro 2012 -Portugal‏.

2012-International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2012 ROC.Taiwan.

2012-Art Revolution Taipei I Taiwan.- Taiwan.

2012-World Gallery of Drawing at OSTEN –Macedonia.-Maqedoni.

2012-Imprima Mostra Internacional de Gravura

Sobral · Ceará · Brasil.

2012- International Print Biennial Switzerland.

2012-International Print Biennial Varna.

2012-International graphic triennial-Bitola.Macedonia.

2012- Bienali I pare I vizatimit – Galeria e Arteve Ferizaj.

2013-Exhibition Balkan drawing-Kumanvo-Macedonia.

2013-2013 -Gallery Faculty of Fine Arts University of Pristina"40 years of Art".

2013-"Whie shadws" Qahili,Prishtina.

2013- Galeria"Eward Lear"-Berat Shqiperi

2014-7th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro 2014 -Portugal.


2014-International Contemporary Miniprint Kazanlak-Bulgary.

2015- Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial 2015-Japan

2015- International graphic – Switzerland

2015-Galeria e qytetit-Fier. Albania Katalog

2015-International graphic triennial-Bitola.Macedonia.

2015-International Print Biennial Varna-Bullgary.

2016- Bienala Inter-Art Biennial 2016-Poland.

2016-World Gallery of Drawing at OSTEN –Macedonia.-Maqedoni.

2016- International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2016 ROC-Taiwan.

2017-Grafiche divagazioni Tecniche stili arte grafica Bulgaria Italia Macedonia 2017.

2017-Conteporary artist from Kosovo-Imago Mundi-Italy.

2018- 9 th International Triennial of Graphic Art Bitola

2018-International Biennial Print Exhibit ROC Taiwan

2019- Internation Print Biennial – Varna Bulgaria

2020- Engravist Printmaking Bienal

2020- The first national biennial of graphics – Mitrovice

2021-International graphic triennial-Bitola.Macedonia.

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