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Taras Haida is a young Ukrainian artist, born in 1993 in Lviv and now living and working in Kyiv. He started painting spontaneously as a child, when it was just his hobby and is now represented in the cultural field of Ukraine on a par with professionals, participating in exhibitions and giving interviews to the media. The artist works both with traditional techniques (oil painting) and digital (collage), and he is interested in exploring the digitalization and digitalization of human life, with all its pros and cons. Taras doesn’t think these changes can be dismissed as dystopia. He believes this is our reality and we must find an expression for it. The artist succeeds in expressing this idea in his Visualize, which was chosen for the cover of Emerging Art in Ukraine, the first comprehensive publication on young Ukrainian art.
Another important direction in Taras Haida’s work is the world of human experience, emotions, and the subconscious. His surrealistic paintings are visions, dreams, and mirages, very emotional, intense, sometimes tragic, but often ironic. They demonstrate the author’s imagination, who does not repeat once-found techniques, but each time finds an original approach to the disclosure of the subject. The main expressive means in Taras’ works are the fragmentation of the whole, deformation, and glitches.
In relation to the surrounding world, the artist takes the position of an observer, but at the same time, he puts his personal feelings into his works, sublimates his fears, and transforms them into creative energy.


2023 – Path of Resistance, group project, Atlanta, USA
2023 – Resistance, group project, gallery of the Canada Ukraine Art Foundation, Toronto, Canada
2023 – Ukraine. Aquarium in the Sea, group project, Ukrainian Cultural Centre, Chicago, USA
2022 – Supernova, group project, Basel Centre for the Arts, Basel, Switzerland
2022 – Exhibition No. 1, group project, Tuasho Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2021 – Bohemian Art Corner, Kyiv. Ukraine.
2021 – participation in a group exhibition project within the framework of the festival
“Courage”, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2021 – Verbalization Institute of Contemporary Art Problems. Kyiv. Ukraine.
2019 – collective project of young art “Insights” at Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery. Kyiv. Ukraine.
2019 – personal exhibition “Mimicry” at the Museum of Ideas. Lviv. Ukraine.

Personal projects

2021 – personal project “Frequency” at the Chocolate House. Kyiv. Ukraine.
2020 – personal project “Essence” at Sova Space. Lviv. Ukraine.
2020 – personal project “Bohemian Art Corner”. Kyiv. Ukraine.


2021 -Milan / Un Gair Milano, Italy
2022 -Budapest / Budapest Art Market, Hungary
2021 -Budapest / Budapest Art Market, Hungary


2022 – Emerging art in Ukraine/ CP Publishing, Ukraine

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