Stanislav Sugintas was born in Vilnius (Lithuania) in 1969. He was educated in Minsk (Belarus) at the State Academy of Arts. In addition to painting, he worked in advertising and illustration. Took part in exhibitions in Russia, France, Spain, Belgium, USA.

Probably, if Stanislav were a writer his works would belong to the fantasy genre. The force of his imagination creates a set of new worlds where everything is, certainly, similar to reality, but much more beautiful. Here the women shine like stars, their faces and figures perfect. Here blue castles rise on cliffs and the skies are majestic and bottomless. Here love is sensual and endless. Ladies, unicorns, cellos, young princes, mysterious strangers in black masks, flasks with magic liquids, scrolls with love letters – for each work by Stanislav a wonderful story can be composed.

The artist has developed a solemn, optimistic coloring and a special style of painting in which carefully painted faces and figures are surrounded by a colorful mist like a watery mist that glistens in the sunlight. Stanislav’s creative style can be considered the quintessence of fine art – it gives aesthetic pleasure, embellishes life, and makes you forget about routine.


Vilnius Middle Art School (Lithuania)
Minsk Academy of Art (Belarus)


Maison des Artists (France)
Union of Designers (Belarus)

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