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Sestry Feldman


Sestry Feldman is a street art project founded by sisters Michelle and Nicole Feldman from Dnepr, Ukraine. Their work can be found all over the capital – Kyiv and in many other cities like Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv, Berlin, Barcelona, Sri Lanka. Apart from city walls, they paint on the buildings, creat murals and other venues. Now Sestry Feldman is not just street art, but also works with canvases and clay, designs merchandise, slipmats and skateboards.

Street art is all about action and dynamics, there is a kind of danger here: a large, unconstrained canvas, you can play with the space, there are many spectators. When you are painting alone in a room, everything is completely different, you have no one to talk to. And a person feels lonely in life, that’s why people communicate, do something together.

«We like illegal art, that’s one of the reasons why we do it. We like the process.»

Each of us lives surrounded by objects – we have a chair in a certain shape at home, a wall painted in a certain colour. Nobody’s taking away your right to use things the way you want. But you don’t just live in your flat, you live in the city. If you walk down the street and see an ugly wall that annoys you, you redo it. If something has already been put up without your permission, you might as well do something without permission.
When you look at a picture something changes in your mind, you don’t just see grey buildings, like in Soviet Union.

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