Ramina Saadatkhan


The energy of color, the feast of paints, the pulsating rhythms that burst beyond the canvas, the unusual shapes – these are what come to mind when you look at Ramina Saadathan’s paintings. These canvases may be classified as Abstract Expressionist paintings with some figurative elements.

The works have a metaphysical orientation. The extreme expression of the lines and stains, has a strong magical effect, leading to a pre-human world. They are images of a garden of paradise. An imaginary world of dreams. Some, are very much like the elaborate ritual masks masterfully crafted by primitive artists. We see exotic plants, fantastic flowers, prehistoric insects, and animals. All this rampant and magmatic world seems to come alive on Ramina’s canvases and enchant the viewer with its magic.
The artist creates controlled chaos, where one image morphs into another. They are musical and belong to a pre-language world of pure passions and innocent effect. In this Eden, the world is not yet divided into male and female, good and evil, light and dark, sexuality and innocence, righteousness and sin, good and bad.


Art College (A.Azimzadeh)

Academy of Arts of Azerbaijan


Solo exhibition, Contemporary Center of Art, Baku

Exhibition of young artists  (Union of Artists of Azerbaijan)

Solo Exhibition- Center of Contemporary Art

2004 – Exhibition of young artists, Union of Artists of Azerbaijan,salon-V.Samedova.

International exhibition “XII” Gallery of Contemporary Art, Baku.

2008 – Central House of Artists, “The world of artists” International Art salon, Russia, Moscow.

Venice, Italy. 21.4.2022. Opening of Azerbijan Pavilion.

2009 -“White & Black”- Art project in the Museum Center, Baku

2010 – “X Point”- group exhibition in the Museum Center, Baku.

2017 – International Art Fair, Carrousel du Louvre. France, Paris.

2018 – International Art Exchange and Symposium ”HANRYU! Now is an Art”, Seoul, South Korea.

2019 – International Art Symposium, Northern Cyprus, Nikosia.

2019 – Solo exhibition. Near East University. 

2019 – «Reinkarnasiya 5» Group exhibition. Baku

2021 – Exposition En Ligne Action des femmes La beauté du printemps. Paris, France

2021 – «4 Seasons – Palette of Friendship», Batumi, Georgia

2021 – Art Symposium «V International Art Festival Nakhchivan – The Cradle of Humankind», Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

2021 – Solo exhibition «Energy of Chaos», MOMA, Baku

2021 – Art symposium «Art Zone Week III» Shahdag Quba & Truskavets 


“Silver Argus” Baku, Azerbaijan

“Silver Key” Near East University, Northern Cyprus, Nikosia

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