Rafail Aliyev is the kind of person who treats every day he lives as a creative process, getting to the heart of everything. He is an interesting man and an interesting conversation partner, with knowledge of more than just the world of art. He lives on the land, he knows how to plant and grow plants and trees, he knows the laws of interaction in which birds live. He has his own theory about the harmonious coexistence of man and the diverse world around him. He is also interested in hunting, fishing, gardening, cooking, gardening, literature and music. For his two sons and wife, he is a friend and a favourite companion. The harmony of the soul, the harmonious family relations are the sources of his constant inspiration. He is not only a husband and father but also a teacher, giving painting lessons to his wife and children.


Art College, Department of “Art Processing of metal”, Baku
Azerbaijan State University, Department of “Artistic Drawing”


Member of the Union of Artists of USSR
Member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan


1991 – Azerbaijan, Baku

1993 – Azerbaijan, Baku

1994 – Azerbaijan, Baku

1986 – Germany, Leipszik

1989 – USA, Houston

1991 – Germany, Hamburg

1992 – UAE, Abu Dhabi

1995 – Kazakhstan, Almaty

2007 – UK, London

2017 – Q Gallery, Baku

2018 – MIM Gallery, Baku

2018 – Leyla Khazari Gallery, Baku

2019 – Emin Gahramanov Art Gallery, Baku

2019 – Art Tower Gallery, “Woman secrets”

2019 – UAE, Dubai “Baku Breeze”

2019 – Luxemburg, Steinfort, Villa Collart

2019 – 8th Beijing Biennale, China, “A Colorful World and Shared Future”

2019 – The Embassy of Azerbaijan to the Kingdom of Belgium “Once Upon Azerbaijan”

2019 – The Cultural Association in Luxembourg, Karabagh “The Other Colours”

2021 – Gallery «Leyla Khazari», Baku, «Summer delight».

2022 – 9 Beijing Biennale.

2022 – Louvre, Paris, France.

2022 – Cultural Center «Karabakh», Luxembourg.

2022 – Gallery «Leyla Khazari», Baku, «Children of War».

2022 – Palace complex “Nurallboy”, Khiva, Uzbekistan.

2022 – Trade House of Azerbaijan, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

2022 – Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

2022 – QGallery, Azerbaijan, Baku. «Creative intuition»

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