Ideas for my works I get from different sources. The main sources are the life itself, my life, the way, actions, things that surround me, etc. Often, in order to create new work, I combine old masters’ techniques with modern materials (metal, cloth, wood, pigments, paints, smalt, stone, glass. I also use household items, parts from bicycles, things that symbolize or indicate a certain place or time, checks, tickets, and similar materials that conditionally record time. Since 2019 I have been working creatively in the workshop, and I am engaged in the restoration of the facades of old buildings.


Lviv National Academy of Fine Arts


 1999 Exhibition of Young Artists. Ternopil, Ukraine

2004 Scenography for a concert of the Creative Club “Rейвах”. Yevpatoria, Crimea

2006 Lviv autumn salon. Collective exhibition. Lviv, Ukraine

2010 Easter exhibition of Ukrainian artists. Paris, Madrid

2010 Personal exhibition. Gallery “Yuka”. Lviv, Ukraine

2015 Personal exhibition. Gorajec, Poland

2015 Personal exhibition. “Bunker Muse” gallery. Ternopil, Ukraine

2015 Personal exhibition. “Factory of jam”, art location. Lviv, Ukraine 

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