I look to nature for inspiration to create abstract paintings that act as reminders that the process of decay and growth simultaneously overlap. I focus on the textures present in our surroundings, such as overgrown bark on trees, moss on rocks, or the weathered abstract textures found on man-made walls and structures in the process of being reclaimed by nature. I photograph segments of these surfaces and use them to create abstract paintings, watercolors, and installations through natural colors, dense textures, and flowing compositions. This exchange between nature and humans is an important reminder to me that we are both fragile and resilient at the same time.


Master of Arts degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, University of Montenegro, in the class of Prof. Ratko Odalović with Distinction
Specialist Studies, School of Contemporary Arts, Pont Aven/ Fall semester – France
Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, Department of Painting, in the class of Prof. Branislav Sekulić with an average grade A


2019 – “Water Landscape”- Gallery of Cultural Centre – Nis

2019 – “Water Landscape”- Center of Contemporary Art/ Perjanicki dom – Podgorica

2018 Small Art Salon / Cultural Center of Novi – Serbia 

2017 Museum of King Nikola, Bar – Montenegro 

2017 – Exhibition at UDG, Podgorica – Montenegro, 

2016 – Hille& Zotova Art Gallery “A Journey through the Forces of Nature”- Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

2015 Polimski Museum “Childhood”- Berane

2014 – Studio 106 Art Gallery Passage of Time: The moment of recollection”, London, United Kingdom

2013 Art pavillion “Seasons” – Podgorica

2013 – Installation “Floating Lotus Flowers”, Kotor

2013 – Exhibition of Paintings – The Royal Theatre ‘’Zetski dom’’, Cetinje

2012 – Installation “Floating Lotus Flowers – Main town square, Cetinje

2012 – Exhibition of Paintings “Fractals and Light at Gallery “Buća”, Tivat

2011 – Exhibition of works of Mirjana Marsenic & Agathe Pengrech – Hede, France

2015 – 2017 – Collective Exhibition “Mediterranean Routes”, Zisa Contemporary Art Gallery – Palermo, Imago Mundi project for the Luccano Benetton Collection

2016 – Cloud Identities: Nature Talks – Gallery 106- London United Kingdom

2015 – Galeria Pictura/Pont Des Arts, Cesson – Sevigne, France.

2015 – Venice Art House, “Borders& Disorders – International exhibition, Italy

2013 – International exhibition” Les Jeux de la Francophonie”, Acropolis/Nice-France

2012 – Exhibition “Art-Base” festival at House of King Petar, Belgrade

2012 – “Paper Girl”, Gallery ‘’Blažnavac’’, Belgrade

2012 – International exhibition- Studio 106 Art Gallery, London

2012 – Pasca Winter Show “Cut-Up” Gallery “Cias”-Pont Aven/France    
2012 – Exhibition “Young Artists” Art pavilion, Podgorica 

2012 – Exhibition of students on postgraduate studies, Gallery 42, Cetinje
2010 – International colony exhibition, Betton, France

2012/2010 – Group exhibition ‘’Meetings’’, Faculty of Economics, Podgorica

2013/2010 –Exhibition of members of Association of Visual Artists “Kula”, Rožaje

2010 – Exhibition of professors and students at ‘’Gintas’’, Podgorica


2014 – The Winner of Prize ‘’ 21 July’’, awarded by the municipality of Berane for the accomplished results in the field of visual art

2013 – The representative of Montenegro  on 7th  Francophonie Games-Nice; chosen by the International  Commission for the French languague and Cultural Diversity

2011 – The Annual Award for the Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Cetinje

2010 – Award for the best student of the Municipality of Berane

2009 – Awarded the Atlas scholarship

2009 – Zamtes Award (Agency for International Cooperation) for the best student

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