Mira Azarov’s work is recognizable by its distinctive manner.

The vibrant colors and subjects that fill his paintings with joy, beauty, and positive energy are the main distinguishing features of his work.

Such a bright palette of his paintings is also the embodiment of his expressive nature.

In addition, his works always contain an element of national Azerbaijani and oriental character.

The artist is very self-critical and does his best to create good work, following the main canons of painting.

He pays particular attention to the composition, the choice of color, and the subject matter of the painting. The philosophy he puts into his work draws the viewer’s attention through certain elements. In other words, each viewer subconsciously finds something of his own in a picture. Sometimes a person does not even understand why he or she likes a particular work.


Azim Azimzadeh Art School
Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts


the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan

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