Ludvigs Bērziņš. “Capture the elusive”. Painting gives their great love for life, people, relationships, nature, Latvia. Painting has brought so many moments of true happiness, it has been my whole life. It is self-improvement, through color, through simplicity, it is laying on the canvas, it is my time that turns into color and remains for the future. Painting cleanses everything superfluous, organizes thoughts, makes the soul shine as pure as a drop of dew, where the sun shines in all the colors of the rainbow. At such times, the colors mix with the sense of nature of that moment. It is my source of inspiration, the beginning of a painting that takes me to the world of my feelings. If the work creates emotion for the viewer, then we have the same range of feelings and moments. The power of art is to forget everyday worries. The canvas is male, the color is female, if the star of these two develops love, then the painting is born. Each completed work opens the door to a new work, because the subconscious always thinks that the next will be perfection itself and it is the eternal driving force to take brushes and work. The idea that one needs to seek and develop oneself in order to put one’s soul on the canvas is not always fulfilled. How many small things can open their inner world, make them see their elusive volatile beauty at this very moment. Capture the elusive. Emotions and imagination must be put on the canvas. A poet can write a poem only if he writes the first line, the impulse of their first thought. It is exactly the same with painting. You have to start with the first brush train. I have wanted to paint all my conscientious life. With the first trembling brush strokes, a new fabulous world slowly opened up that filled me. It is the indescribable feeling of happiness to find yourself and improve. You can approach the beautiful, but not gain. If you manage to grab a moment’s revelation, be happy. To put this state of the soul, the moment of inspiration created by nature, the vibration on the canvas, if others see it and the vibration of feeling and imagination takes place in them, then one thousandth of the moment is true and captured. “Capture the elusive”.


Member of the Latvian Creative Union in Visual Arts

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