Katya Syta



Ukrainian artist Katya Syta was born in Kyiv and currently lives there. She got a Master’s Degree in Finance, but her childhood passion for drawing and experience gained while attending academic courses in painting and drawing taught her to understand the laws of visual arts. Since 2011 Katya has been working in the field of modern art and charity organizations.

A couple of years ago she got into collage technique. First, it was a hobby, and then it turned into a profession. In 2021 Katya, together with her colleagues, organized the first in Ukraine international festival of the modern collage CUTOUT. She wants to promote Ukrainian collage art both in her home country and in Europe.

Katya also founded KS Design Studio where she creates fashion clothes. What has collage art to do with that? “My instruments are pieces of cloth, colours and textures. A composition of thoughts and feelings is created out of them”, – says the artist about her creative work. Katya named her author movement “an emotional-philosophical collage”. Delicately beautiful, dynamic collages by Katya Syta are indeed deeply psychological, their visual and conceptual core is composed of human figures, faces, hands. The author gets the feel of her characters and conveys their states: daily worries, difficulties in making a choice, love, sorrows and joys. Working on a collage for the artist is a way of self-discovery.


Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU)

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