Jolanta Caban is a born colourist. The search for colour, its intensity and saturation, is the main motive of the artist’s paintings. In her work we can find abstract solutions and her favourite subject of still life. These are arrangements of dishes, vases, flowers or abstract forms-objects. The striped arrangement is her favourite compositional solution. The forms in Jolanta Caban’s works are not literal, but they refer to reality in a very emotional and suggestive way. The painter uses her own expressive style. The works are painted widely, the paint used in large amounts often flows freely, creating meandering lines, colourful spots. The artist often uses putty. The structure of the painting pulsates with saturation of colour. The texture on the surface of the canvas is very characteristic for the artist’s painting. The painting is made of many layers, we can see the repainting, the successive movements of the brush and putty leave a tangible trace. Her paintings take on different colour schemes, there are hot works with a strong dominance of orange and red colours contrasting with dark graphic spots. The second path of exploration are muted paintings, pastel with a dominance of warm gray. The artist lives and works in Warsaw.

She takes part in numerous exhibitions abroad and at home, She showed her works twice in the European Parliament building in 2012 and 2014. She participated in the Art Fair -Brussels 2014. She had two solo exhibitions in Vilnius at Znad WILLI gallery in Lithuania. She participated in group exhibitions in Rome.


Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
PhD in art at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce
Scholarship from the Minister of Culture and Art
Scholarship from the French Government
Internship at the School of Fine Arts in Montpellier, France

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