After graduation, he took a job as a teacher and after a few years, he started working in applied graphics. He acquired knowledge of graphic programs and web technology and is part of the widespread use of the Internet. He socializes with the expectations of a professional business environment as a graphic designer for an American online magazine and then as the artistic director of a market-leading company, which later fundamentally influenced his approach to fine arts. His fine arts program was launched in 2010, which still defines his aspirations. In this work, he explores a wide range of possibilities of figural representation. The focus of his work is on exploring the possibilities of painting between the boundaries and contexts of academic realist depiction and abstraction and the tension between these two approaches. His teaching activity is defined by a similar duality. He considers it important to help his students to discover the diverse directions and aspects of contemporary art, but at the same time, he considers it to be essential to getting to know and master the classical foundations and the picturesque vision.


Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MA)


Association of Hungarian Fine Artists since 1995


LOUVRE ART FAIR 2018.05.25-27. (Paris, France)

45th ANTIBES ART FAIR 2018.04.21-05.08. (Antibes, France)

APHRODISIAKUM – Salon Modena Art 2018.04.06 (Wien, Austria)

ELIXIR – Salon Modena Art 2018.02.09-11 (Wien, Austria)

GOLDENE WEIHNACHTEN, Salon Schräg 2017.12.20 (Wien, Austria)

Salon Golden Garden 2017.12.05 (Monaco, France)

Art Fair Salon Art Shopping 2017.12.02.03 (Cannes, France)

IBIZA ART FAIR 2017.10.26-29 (Ibiza, Spain)

Exhibition “15” Gallery Lichtraum Eins 2017.09.15 (Wien, Austria)

Street Art – Kunst Am Zaum 2017.09.09 (Wien, Austria)

Salon Golden Garden 2017.07.30 (Mandelieu, France)

Figurstraktiv, Galéria IX. 2017.07.07-28 (Budapest, Hungary)

Secret Garden – Es Caliu Restaurant 2017.06.30 (Ibiza, Spain)

LOUVRE ART FAIR 2017.06.10-11 (Paris, France)

WORLD ART DUBAI 2017.04.12-15 (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Secret Gallery 2017.01.19. (Budapest, Hungary)

Art Fair Art Shopping – Centre Expo Congrés 2016.12.10-11 (Cannes, France)

Art Fair – Louvre 2016.05.27-29 (Paris, France)

  1. Summer Exhibition 2019. REÖK, Szeged Hungary

GYERMELY Art Camp Exhibition 2016. Bartók 1, Budapest

Kikötő / Luka 2016. August Šenoa Horvát Klub, Pécs

MMMH 2016. Törökbálint

Miris Mora 2. 2015. Prvić Luka, Croatia

Miris Mora 2015. Vodice, Croatia

A TENGER ILLATA 2015. Aranytíz, Budapest

NÉGY ELEM 2013 . MAOE, Olof Palme Ház, Budapest

XXXVII. Summer Exhibition 2013. REÖK, Szeged Hungary

“Uszadék” / Folyam Csoport 2013. Csepel Gallery, Budapest

National “Kovács” Exhibition 1999. Szombathely

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