Explosion of colors, passionate emotions, and strong lines are the main characteristics of Hajdi.s paintings and drawings. Her work often shows a combination of serious drawing with naïve one. The combination of contrasts is what Hajdi loves to present, because life itself is a mixture of crazy contrasts, and we are constantly striving to make sense of it. She believes that every human being has a purpose and she is on the way to fulfilling her own – giving the world inspiration to be better human beings. Her work is deeply psychological and is very influenced by inner work, meditation, and spiritual practice. The knowledge she revealed about herself help her understand humanity itself. By sincere observation of her own virtues and flaws, she tends to come to the core of our existence as human beings and to try to wake the best in us.

She has always been a hedonist, and that is exactly why she started doing art. As a three-year-old child, she started playing violin. Two years after she decided to start with the piano, because: “Standing and playing are too much. I want to play piano, cause there is a chair” When she was eight, she was first in Italy in a European piano competition. Years after she went to the Academy of fine arts because she saw that professors and students are often chilling together in cafes. Her hedonistic approach in life brought her to many beautiful things, but her discipline has helped her to express herself more creatively. With discipline and “challenge 365” she found her calling – contemporary drawing.

In her work, she often uses acrylic and acrylic markers (Molotow).

Hajdi is a painter and freelance graphic designer who specialized in applied photography. She did public art designs for the capital of Montenegro in 2019. That same year she was the ambassador for the Coca-Cola youth support project. She worked as a graphic designer for several large Montenegrin companies. Among her clients are UNICEF, Red Cross of Montenegro, Jysk, Zero Waste Montenegro, the Association of Psychologists of Serbia, and others.

She is the creator and co-organizer of three large charity exhibitions where the money raised from the sale of works was donated to poor families and used to equip a Psychiatric clinic in Montenegro.

From 2018-2020, she did „365 challenge“, during which she uploads one drawing each day on social networks to motivate others to follow their dream. The project ended when she reached the 800th day of the consecutive drawing.


Montenegrin artists association

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