Emin Askerov was born and currently lives in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. This city combines two millennia of history with dynamic modernity, ancient stones with glass, and steel skyscrapers. The hot summer haze, oriental aromas of spices, and the blue of the salty sea are the mood of Baku. In Emin Askerov’s paintings, we see the eternal duality of Baku: European elegance and old Eastern legends. The artist works in a wide stylistic field that encompasses abstraction, surrealism, and magical realism. His non-figurative fantasies include a translucent suspension of sea spray; an ochreous haze, concealing the horizon; hot orange sands; cooling sunsets; cold tornadoes, marching over a frightened land; pink melancholic elephants, and volcanoes, ejecting red-hot carmine lava. Surreal visions sprout from abstract spots and lines. Cars resemble elephants, fish, beetles. Vintage bicycles with huge wheels roll across the dry ground that suddenly turns into a chessboard – and human figures in orange robes, who can barely hold onto the bicycles. Musicians with slender arms make beautiful music from golden French horns and purple double basses. Even Emin’s almost realistic works are full of magic. Here is a naked woman, covered by a chocolate silk blanket with a scattering of blue flowers, – who is she, a model or a dream on the border of reality? The paintings by Emin Askerov have complex coloring, the surface of his canvases looks like it has been polished by a sandstorm – the pigments have become smoky, rough, they flow into each other and shiver in a mirage. The world created by the artist has no straight lines or sharp angles. It is soft, slightly ironic, illusory, and mysterious.


State Art College n /a A.Azimzade, Baku, Azerbaijan


The Young Artists’ Section at the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan
The membership of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan

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