BARAMÓ is a pseudonym of ELITSA BARAMOVA. Born in Sofia, she spent her early childhood with her family in Cuba. This colors her presence with the colors of the “joy of life.” She took her first lessons in drawing from her father. She grew up in an environment of educated and traveling parents. Works in the field of abstract painting, video art, happening, drawing, figural painting, graphic design (book, poster, corporate identity), contemporary jewelry objects. An artist with experimental research, she is the creator of the visual language “Sediment Process” The practice of the author often involves conceptual texts with the visual part. The author’s practice includes various genres. She works in the field of painting, video art, happening, drawing, graphics, graphic design, and contemporary jewelry. Baramó works in the field of abstract painting, and in parallel returns to nature, in search of new structures. She creates figurative and expressionistic paintings. Baramó often includes conceptual texts with the visual part. After her last appearances, she was classified as a NEO-EXISTENTIAL artist by Prof. Ph.D. Kr. Delchev


National Academy of Arts Sofia


Union of Bulgarian Artists, Painting Section


2021     – [a]cube contemporary gallery, „Parallel Realities“/ “Passing Landscapes” projects, Sofia/ Bulgaria

2020     –  Bulgarian Cultural Institute, “Passing and Remaining Landscapes” project, Budapest, Hungary

2018     – [a]cube contemporary gallery, „The Architect” project, Sofia/ Bulgaria; classified as a neo-existentialistic painter by PhD Kr. Delchev- Sofia University. (https://www.baramo.art/criticism-the-architect-project)

2017     – White house culture center;  – h. Hebros – “Homo Saltans” project, Plovdiv/ Bulgaria

2013     – East-West, Municipal Gallery, retrospective exhibition, Bankya/ Bulgaria

2008     – Maxim gallery, „Monads” project (painting and happening), Sofia/ Bulgaria

2006     – Alte Feuerwache gallery „Cuba Libre – Street Sequences“ project, Göttingen/ BRD

2006     – VERDI Institut, Retrospective, Lage Hörste/ BRD

2005     – BG Culture Institute, Retrospective, Berlin-Mitte/ BRD;  

2005     – Gropius museum, „Form follows fiction” project, Alfeld/ BRD

2004     – Laatzen municipality, BRD;   – Goethe Institute, „Déjà-vu“ project, Göttingen/ BRD;

2004     – Kuenstlerhaus, „Anthropocentimetries” project, Göttingen/ BRD                    

2003    – Studio Wasserscheune, „Metamorph@sen project, painting and happening with Jazz Musician

2002    – Nikolov gallery, Retrospective, Halle-Saale/ BRD

2001    – Artamonzev gallery, „Polyphonic” project, Sofia/ Bulgaria

2000    – lokal Arzberger, Expressions – by invitation of Municipality-Vienna/ Austria

2021    – gallery Sonia Monti, Paris, France, international exhibition contemporary art

20/21   – [a]cube contemporary gallery, Abstract Art Contest (II., III. edition)

2019    – Art Fair West – Norwich/ UK; –Luxart gallery, „La Grande Bellezza” project, Rome, Italy; 

2018    – Armory artweeks, Stricoff gallery – Chelsea, „The Architect” project, New York/ USA;

2017    – Art Basel, Artbox., „Nomads” project, Switzerland

2016    – Art meets History project, Grimbergen – Brussels/ BE (exhibition in the context of EU master painters)

2014     – V & V gallery, Vivaart gallery, Vienna/ Austria

2012     – Europe gallery, Sofia/ Bulgaria

2010     – Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery, V-th Biennial of Small Forms, Pleven/ Bulgaria

2009     – Foreign Art Gallery „10 years of Francophonie“, „Parallel realities” project, Sofia/ Bulgaria 

2001     – Musée des Beaux Arts, “Alienation” project, Ottawa/ Canada


2020  award for Mural painting – RAL Indoor Murals project, CODAworx- Philadelphia/ USA

2020  painting award – Abstract contest, [a]cube contemporary, Sofia/ Bulgaria

2005  painting award – Rolf Broenstrup- Hanover/ BRD

2003  Goethe Institut grant (part of the subsidy for an event Catalog)

2003  painting award -Laatzen, Hanover/ BRD

2001  national representative on the IV. Francophone Games (competition of Ministry of Culture), Ottawa/ Canada

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