“There are artists who are always in the limelight. There are artists who like to be talked about. There are artists who live an isolated life, appearing only at exhibitions. And there are those who live their life as an artist without even thinking about the fact that they are an artist. Elena Kimelfeld is an artist who does not think of herself as an artist. Despite being an active participant of Ukrainian art processes and curator of a huge number of projects – she has never defined herself as an artist, being a true Master at that. Elena has long been known in all art circles as a photographer. I am happy to be the first one to discover her as an artist. I am convinced that her installation project in Tadzio Gallery in Kiev is a new visual language in the context of Ukrainian art. And her large-format (60×80 cm) works, presented on GART platform, are at the same time profound, subtle, and sophisticated “statements”, which will be organic in any interior.”

Bagrat Arazyan, Curator of Center for Contemporary Art Pivka (Slovenia)

2019-current time Elena is a curator and art director at “Golden Gate” Art Café


Kyiv National University of Culture and Art

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