Eduard works in easel painting. He paints figurative and abstract compositions tending to conventional, stylized solutions. He is a participant in regional, republican and international exhibitions and biennales. His works are in private collections in Ukraine and abroad, as well as in the Transcarpathian Regional Art Museum. Eduard is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (2006). Winner of the Y. Bokshaya and A. Erdelyi fine art prize (2019). As art experts note, a remarkable feature of Eduard Prykhodko’s work is a harmonious combination of realistic and abstract painting. The appeal of his paintings consists in the combination of a personal, independent author’s approach to the subject, creative thinking, and a vivid pictorial temperament. The conceptual idea of his works is belonging. From this definition, it follows that the artist appeals to different, multidirectional ways of artistic representation: from realistic to generalized, associative artistic images. “My formation as an artist began in the studio of my father, the National Artist of Ukraine. He was my first mentor. From him, I learned about the basic principles of composition, texture painting techniques, working with monochrome colours, and technical methods of depicting. Two of my father’s pieces of advice I particularly remember, and I try to follow them: to be able to stop in time and not to start working without a sketch. I am very demanding and rigorous about my work. I return to a finished painting, again and again, to complete it, remembering my father’s advice to stop in time. I’m always on the lookout for new subjects and different artistic techniques. I have my favorite subjects, to which I like to return with pleasure. For example, I like to paint horses. They are associated in my perception with contrasting concepts: strength, courage, independence, nobility, desire for freedom, and at the same time tenderness, love, and faithfulness.
I really dislike working in silence. For me, it’s important to surround myself with sounds. When I work I switch on the music, TV or radio. To keep up with art events in our region I often meet my colleagues and go to exhibitions and participate in art events. I am open to new things. That’s why I am different today than 10 years ago, for example. In the beginning, I favored realist painting, but today I am into abstraction and I try to combine these two trends in a harmonious way. I tend to lean towards monochrome painting. But I am also fascinated by colour. But for me, the most important thing is the pictorial plasticity, texture, and form. I can describe my technique as follows: I apply acrylics on a texture-rich ground. It is the base. Then I apply a coat of oil paint. The acrylic underpainting starts to show through the movement of the brush and spatula and creates a ripple effect of half-tones and colours. ”


Uzhgorod Art College named after A. Erdely
Transcarpathian Academy of Arts


Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine

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