Born in 1958 in Yerevan, Armenia. Lives and works in Slovenia, Russia, Lithuania. Since 1994 co-founder of the “Modius” gallery and design studio. Works in the intersection of various media ranging from traditional techniques to modern multimedia practices. One in the first in Russian Art, who began to develop monumental works made by digital technology. Works much at the problem of human relationships since early 2000. The internet space is an area of his research into the development of the principles, put into the basis of inter-relations (viewed as Art). Further on, in his curatorial projects, he pays attention to invisible human relations, formed in the process of work at large-scale projects with a lot of participants. With the great experience as both an artist and a designer, he uses his own principles in each sphere of his work, his art projects thoroughly thought out and elegantly designed; at the same time Design is often turned into Art. His work also contains music and text, thus creating a new multi-cultural area. Since 2017 co-founder and curator of Center for Contemporary Art Pivka (Slovenia).


Moscow Arts College, Russia (1976-1980)


2020 «Kiss of Angel or I have nothing at all left from you», Fine Art Gallery ’11:11 von Ivanova”, Risan, Montenegro

2019 «Geometry. Wood», Juliet Room, Muggia, Italy

2019 «Wall», DRAT Gallery, Izola, Slovenia /with Sandra Kostjančič/

2019 «Home in-between borders» installation /with Natalia Ignatyeva/, Center for contemporary art Pivka, Krpanov dom, Pivka, Slovenia

2019 «Burnt pages of incomplete love», Kosovelov Dom, Sežana, Slovenia

2018 «Screen», «Insula» gallery, Izola, Slovenia

2017 «Layering», Center for contemporary art Pivka, Gallery of Slovenian People’s Theater Celje, Slovenia

2016 «Layering», Cultural center, Imatra, Finland

2016 «Aroma of Desire / Desire of Aroma», Plac Izolanov Gallery, Izola, Slovenia /with Natalia Zinchenko/

2016 «Anthropology», Plac Izolanov Gallery, Izola, Slovenia /with Matteo Bosi (Italy)/

2016 «Shadow of Light», Dom na Vidmu gallery, Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia /with Irina Vdovenko/

2016 «Game Territory», Krpanov Dom, Center for Contemporary Art Pivka, Slovenia

2015 «Keys, laved by the flow of time». SAZU, Postojna, Slovenia 

2015 «Transformation» and «Calligraphic» projects. Krka Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2004 «Moscow-Paris. Backyards”, Cultural centre DOM, Moscow, Russia /with Helen Elb (France)/

2000 “Nardi” (Backgamon), Museum of Contemporary Art, Yerevan, Armenia /with Svetlana Vesselova/

2000 “a scent of a shadow / a shadow of a scent”,  Navicula Artis Gallery,  St-Petersburg, Russia

1997 ” Art of money “, Modius Gallery, Menatep Bank, Moscow, Russia /with Armen Igitkhanyan/

1995 “Touches”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Yerevan, Armenia /with Armen Igitkhanyan/

1994 M-ARS Gallery, Moscow, Russia

1993 Gallerie beim Arenbergpark, Wien, Austria

1992 Rathaus, Germering, Germany

1992 Sparcasse, Furstenfeldbruck, Germany

1991 Mestna Galerija (City Art Gallery), Ljubljana, Slovenia

1991 Modrianov Mlin Gallery, Postojna, Slovenia

2020 «Collage and assemblage; Recycled stories», 9th International Fine Arts Festival, Kranj, Slovenia

2019 «Made in Chernobyl» International Art project, Museum of Kyiv History, Kyiv, Ukraine

2019 «Black & White» 8th International Fine Arts Festival, Kranj, Slovenia

2019 BALTIC DRAWING II, Imatra Art Museum, Finland

2019 «Layering», East/West Festival of Arts, Jerusalem, Israel

2019 PASTE UP! Festival de Collage en México, Mexico

2019 «Calligraphic» installation in «Variations/Directions» project, Ptij City Gallery, Slovenia

2017 «Simbol. Sign. Colour», 6th International Fine Arts Festival, Kranj, Slovenia

2016 9th International Triennial of Small Graphic Forms, Vilnius, Lithuania

2015 «Stratification»,Hoyrygalleria, Korpilahti, Finland

2014 “On paper”, International graphic biennial, Jerusalem, Israel

2014 “From Saimaa to Saimaa”, Modern Art Museum, Imatra, Finland

2014 “Sub Rosa”, State Darwin Museum, Moscow, Russia

2007 “Political Poetical”, 14-th Tallinn Print Triennial, Estonia

2006 “Transforming World”, Caucasus Biennale Declaration, Tbilisi, Georgia

2001 “Piggybank”, State Russian Museum, St-Petersburg, Russia

2000 Second international biennial, Gyumri, Armenia

1998 “Modius Scriptorium”, Gallery 103, St-Petersburg, Russia

1992 EXPO-92, Seville, Spain


1997 The Best Design Award at The International Festival of Bank Advertising, The calendar of Bank “Menatep”(1998), Moscow

2005 Bronze at the first professional competition of design and advertising ADCR Awards 2005 in “Multipage Editions Design” nomination, Moscow 

2007 Nomination on “Best book of the year” in annual national competition “Book of the year”. «Siberia. Atlas of the Asian Russia» edition.

2007 Medal and Diploma of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for “Atlas of Yakutia” edition

2009 Diploma of I degree for edition design of «People of Russia. Atlas of cultures and religions» at the All-Russia competition «Book Art». 

2011 Diploma of I degree in a nomination «Best corporate calendar of past years» at the All-Russia  competition “Corporate calendar”, a calendar of “Memories” for «Espro» group.

2011 Winner in a nomination « Best edition about Moscow» in annual national competition «Book of the year». «Sacral space of medieval Moscow» edition. 

2011 Medal of Ministry of Emergency Situations for many years of fruitful cooperation, for significant   contribution into the creative work on making of the “Atlas of natural and man-made hazards and risks of emergency situations in the Russian Federation”

2017 Award at ExTempore Piran, Slovenia

2019 Award for “Constructively built art structure” at the “Black and White” 8th International Fine Arts Festival, Kranj, Slovenia

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