Anna Kostrytska



Anna Kostrytska is a new generation of artists representative whose art is actively developing in modern imaginative art space and is famous thanks to dynamic, expressive, and meaningful canvas, which are full of light and deep sense. The artist’s creative approach can be characterized as a painterly abstraction. Such abstract painting in particular has become the field where she expresses her ideas about the world, environment, and projects her emotions and states, thoughts, and internal contemplations.​The artist was studying color, the interaction between color and shape, and overall associative thinking through her early works – acrylic impressions and engravings. The most important thing here was to find a way to express emotions and a particular state through color and shape. Her art is simple and complicated at the same time. On the one hand, her works are distinguished by clarity and painterly logic, with obvious color correlations, proportion, and color harmony balance. Thanks to its clarity the canvas always conveys a particular state, mood, emotion that is expressed with the help of scale and facture. All the acquired professional skills, as well as a gift that enables to play with color like with a live substance, are all important here.

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