Ukrainian photographer Anastasiia Krutota lives and works in Kiev. She graduated from the Faculty of Management and Marketing at the National Technical University of Ukraine. Asya got into photography when she was a child, but initially, it led her to do made-to-order photosets of people and events, which for a long time made her not want to take photos at all. Over time, photography has come back into her life in different forms and has made a strong opinion that it is something that needs to be done.

Today’s photography style is what Asya calls “Lowlight photography” – the idea behind it is to capture what is difficult to capture. Lowlight photography is less common because of the principle of photography at all – the lighter the better. Asya is of the opinion that many beautiful moments remain “in the shadows” and she tries to capture at least part of them. “For me, atmosphere and light are extremely important even in everyday life and when I see some rays of sunset breaking through into a cozy evening room I can’t help but capture them, its natural beauty and that’s it.” – says the artist.

Portraits are also one of Asya’s favorite hangings and she now tries to find a specific setting and specific lighting for a person, thereby revealing their personality and showing off some of their sides and qualities.

At the moment Asya works as the creative director of the online platform G.ART and is an active art member, which according to the artist, helps her to understand the work more deeply and to convey the idea of the platform to the world.


National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

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