Zászkaliczky Ágnes orgona- és festőművész 20220412 Budapest Fotó Bach Máté Magyar Nemzet


Agnes Zaszkaliczky is hungarian born visual artist based in Vienna. Since a couple of years she
paints mostly portraits.
Years of practice and education has helped her to reach the level where she is able to
paint anybody`s portrait. She acquired the technique of classic portrait painting, which she learned of Russian experts. Therefore, when creating a portrait she uses the methods of Caravaggio and the
masters of old age as well and she creates the composition with abstract elements.

However, for her a portrait means much more than only a technical challenge. Besides the appearance, the real objective there is the visualisation of the character, the human being and the soul which is present on every face and expression. The portraits thus awaken with an
ethereal complexion and we find ourselves gazed upon by the eternal and the unique.

Zaszkaliczky makes music when she portrays a musician friend or an admired one while playing their music to complete the painting’s inspiration. The colors harmonize in her clean, modern/classical compositions; for which she likes to choose a “sound color. ” She uses this color as background combined with an abstract geometric design that gives the “tempo” and the setting for the perfect hyperrealist portrait that she will do of the musician in action. The contrast between picture and background creates the perfect rhythm for the overall pain-
ting that is at the same time great in technique and unique in conception.

Art Daily News International Magazine, Contemporary Art Projets USA


2009- 2011 Repin Academy St.Petersburg
1998 – 2004 Universität Mozarteum Salzburg
1994 – 1998 Béla Bartók Conservatory, Budapest
1986 – 1994 AGY (Creative Art Center)


2021 Award for Best People, Spring International Exhibition,
NOAPS, National Oil & Acrylic Painters ́ Society, USA


2022 “Musician Portraits” Gallery FiguratiF, Kosice, Slovakia
2019 Forrás Gallery/ Kárpát-haza Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2018 ”Bernstein 100” Palm Beach Opera/ Kravis Center, FL USA
2018 Paul Fisher Gallery& Danieli Art World Gallery, Palm Beach,
2018 ”Bernstein 100” Kodály- Center, Pécs, Hungary
2018 “Bernstein 100” Kölcsey-Center, Debrecen, Hungary
2016 EGA-Frauen im Zentrum, Vienna, Austria
2015 Culture Center, Szentendre, Hungary
2015 Parlamentsklub NEOS, Austrian Parliament, Vienna, Austria
2014 Salon BeLLeArti, Vienna, Austria
2014 Hungarian Embassy, Vienna, Austria
2013 Pannonia Gallery, Sopron, Hungary
2013 Residence Office Center, Budapest, Hungary
2011 Cafe Krypta, Helsinki Dom, Finland

2011 Rööperin Taidesalonki, Helsinki, Finland
2011 Art Center Joensuu, Joensuu, Finland
2011 Galleria Espoonsilta, Espoo, Finland
2009 City Hall, Lappeenranta, Finland
2008 Art Unio Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary
2007 Culture Center, Szentendre, Hungary
Group exhibitions
2022 “Women Artists Making Their Mark” international show,
O ́Hanlon Center for the Arts, CA, USA
2022 Digital Art Exhibition, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2022 Monaco Art Fair, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Monaco
2022 Pintér Summer Auction, Vaszary Gallery, Balatonfüred, HU
2022 “Kiút” Standby Contemporary, Pintér Gallery, Budapest, HU
2022 “Kortárs Balaton 2022”, Hableány, Badacsony, Hungary
2022 Blue-Yellow Contemporary Auction for Ukrainian Refugees
in the Irányi Palace, Budapest, Hungary
2022 “Ungarische Malerinnen in Wien” with Naomi Devil,
Collegium Hungaricum Wien, Vienna, Austria
2021 Pintér “Christmas Auction”, Pintér Gallery, Budapest, HU
2021 “Orlando” Galerie Taith Contemporary, Vienna, Austria
2021 Online exhibition @Artsy during Art Expo New York with
Contemporary Art Projects USA
2021 “Horizont” Exhibition of the Hungarian Artists` Association,
REÖK-Palace, Szeged, Hungary

2021 XLI. Nyári Tárlat, Summer Contemporary Exhibition, REÖK-
Palace, Szeged, Hungary

2021 “Standby” 360° Contemporary Exhibition, Alsóörs, Hungary
2021 Pintér Summer Auction, Villa-Vaszary, Balatonfüred, HU
2021 Spring International Online Exhibition National Oil & Acrylic
Painters` Society, USA
2021 ̈Kortárs Balaton 2021”, Pintér Gallery, Badacsony, Hableány,
2021 “Standby” Contemporary Open Air Exhibition, Károlyi-kert
Budapest, Hungary
2020 Online Exhibition @Artsy during Art Basel Miami Week with

Contemporary Art Projects USA
2020 Pintér “Christmas Auction” Pintér Gallery, Budapest
2020 “Változások” Hungarian Contemporary Gallery,
Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia
2020 “Változások” MANK-Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary
2020 ”Standby” Contemporary Open Air Exhibition, Budapest
2020 “Standby” – Artmarket Budapest, Hungary
2020 Pintér Auction, Vaszary Gallery, Balatonfüred, Hungary
2020 ”Creating Joy”, Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, USA
2019 Pintér Auction,”Christmas Auction”, Pintér-Gallery, Budapest
2019 ”Inspiration” Exhibition, MANK-Gallery, Szentendre, Hungary
2019 Ega Frauen*Kunst Award 2019, EGA Frauenzentrum, Vienna
2019 Showroom Bedeur, Vienna, Austria
2019 ”Inspiration”, Hungarian Contemporary Gallery,
Dunaszerdahely (Slovakia)
2019 ”Dimenziók” – Exhibition, Reök-Place, Szeged, Hungary
2019 Ibiza Art Fair, Spain
2019 Paul Fisher Gallery, with Karl Momen, Palm Beach, USA
2019 Paul Fisher Gallery, Brazilian Court Hotel, Palm Beach,USA
2019 Ars Pannonica Biennale Hungarian Embassy, Vienna
2019 Ars Pannonica Biennale, Gallery Dlul, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2018 BÁV- Contemporary Auction, Budapest, Hungary
2018 Auditorium Rainer III., National Day of Hungary, Monaco
2018 Young Art for ”Peace”, MOYA, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
2018 Art& Antique Show/ Adriana Art Gallery , Antibes , France
2018 Salon Modena Art ”Aphrodisiac”, Vienna, Austria
2018 Contemporary Hungarian Gallery, Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia
2017 Sino-house, Chinese Culture Center, Budapest, Hungary
2017 ”Luther and the reformation” Szentendre , Hungary
2017 Pintér Auction, ”Christmas Auction”, Pintér Gallery, Budapest
2017 Salon Golden Garden, Art Gallery Adriana, Monaco
2017 Salon International d ́Art Contemporian, Cannes (France)
2017 Pintér Auction ”Indian summer” Pintér Gallery, Budapest
2017 Gallery Lichtraum Eins, Vienna (Austria)

2017 Ibiza Art Fair / Adriana Art Gallery (Spain)
2017 39. Summer Exhibition, REÖK-Palace, Szeged (Hungary)
2017 Pintér Auction, Balatonfüred, Villa-Vaszary (Hungary)
2017 Paul Fisher Gallery, Palm Beach, FL (USA)
2017 Art Palm Beach Art Fair with Contemporary Art Projects
USA, Palm Beach, FL, USA
2016 Art Concept Miami, Erdész Gallery & ICFA Gallery (USA)
2016 Heights Art Gallery & Art Gallery Adriana, Houston (USA)
2016 Art Shopping Cote d`Azur, Art Gallery Adriana, Cannes (Fr)
2016 Salon International D ́Art Contemporain, Paris Louvre, (Fr)
2016 Centrope Gala, Studio 44, Österreichische Lotterie, Vienna
2016 Ars Pannonica Biennale, Vérkert Bazár, Budapest, Hungary
2016 Ars Pannonica Biennale, Klagenfurt, Austria
2016 Pintér Auction, Pintér Gallery, Hungary
2016 Pintér Auction, Balatonfüred, Villa Vaszary, Hungary
2015 Ars Pannonica Biennale, Flux Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2015 Ars Pannonica Biennale, Hungarian Embassy, Vienna
2015 “Art&Innovation”, Saturn Tower, Qualysoft Gmbh, Vienna
2014 Ars Pannonica Biennale, Klagenfurt, Austria
2014 Ars Pannonica Biennale, Sensaria Galéria, Budapest
2014 “Portraits of Artists” with Kálmán Garas, Kodály-Center, Pécs,
2012 Budapest Art Expo, Müvészet Malom, Szentendre, Hungary
2011 Parallax AF, London
2011 Kouvolan Taidemuseo, Repin Institut, Finland
2009, 2011 Town Hall, with Milko Vesalainen,
Lappeenranta ,Finland
2007 Kölcsey Központ with Maria B. Raunio, Debrecen, Hungary
2006 Ministry of Water Resources, Budapest, Hungary
2003 Town Hall, Nagyatád, Hungary

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